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ECON 2410: Industrial Organization Economics

Industrial Organization Economics 

ECON 2410 - 4 credits

Dates: November 24 - December 24, 2015
Instructor: Yavuz Yasar

This course aims to provide an overview of how firms and markets operate in the advanced capitalist economies according to economic theories. In comparison with the traditional industrial organization courses, this course studies firms and markets in a contemporary and a dynamic context through the lenses of technological change in general, and the so-called 'new economy' in particular. Thus, this course explores some applied topics in micro-economic theory such as innovation and technological change; cost of production and decision making by firms; market structures and competition;economic policy issues such as the changing role of the state in antitrust, regulation and deregulation. Students are expected to appreciate and understand the use of economic theories in real world issues by realizing the limits and capabilities of them in a constantly changing economic environment. 

Contact: Yavus Yasar