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ASEM 2720: Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany

ASEM 2720 - 4 credits

Dates: November 22 - December 21, 2017*
Instructor: Wilfried Wilms
  *This is an online course

Description:This course explores Germany's Nazi-era from two methodologically different yet nonetheless intertwined perspectives. The "History" component of this course will survey the history of National Socialism, beginning in the last days of the German Empire and World War I, continuing through the Weimar Republic and Third Reich, into the post-World War II era. The "Literature and Culture" component introduces the students to a series of problems pertaining, broadly speaking, to the interplay of arts and politics surrounding an incipient Nazi-Germany. Between 1933-45 there are endless cultural manifestations (such as literature, film, philosophy, architecture, music, painting, photography, etc.) that comment, both approvingly and critically, on the idea of a National Socialist Germany that has allegedly redeemed the failures of WWI, and - more importantly - successfully restored a uniquely German sense of national identity. The course will focus on themes like "redemption," "temptation," "Volksgemeinschaft" (national community), "conflict," and "memory" while analyzing both texts and visuals.

 *This class is taught in English and there are no prerequisites.


Contact: Wilfried Wilms