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Interterm classes

Winter Interterm Courses

Israel and the US: A Comparison of Business, Legal & Ethical Issues

Israel and the US: A Comparison of Business, Legal & Ethical Issues

LGST 3701/4701 - 4 credits
REAL 3701/4701- 4 CREDITS

Course Dates: December 6 - 16, 2017
Location: Israel
Instructors: Libbi Levine Segev & Mark Levine
Application Deadline: November 1 or when course is full (SPACE IS LIMITED)

Description:  This course is designed to allow students to see and hear, on a first-hand basis, some similarities and differences between the US and Israel with regard to certain business, legal and ethical issues. Students will have the opportunity to meet with business professionals and government officials and visit key sites throughout Israel, including, but not limited to, the Old City of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Old Jaffa, the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, the Mediterranean
Sea and the Golan Heights.

Approximate Travel Costs*:

Airfare: $1,000 - 1,500 (Students are responsible for making their ownflight arrangements.)
Program Fee: $2800, Fee covers lodging (in nice hotels and guest houses) multiple group meals, transportation in country and entrance fees for various activities 
(Program fees are non-refundable.)
Cancellation Fee:  $2800 (Billed to student account in the event the student drops the course after registration.)

*These expenses are estimates subject to change.  Cost of tuition is additional.

For more information, contact Libbi Levine Segev

SPACE IS LIMITED! Applications are being accepted  until November 1,  OR until the course is full. 

Application forms available HERE