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Interterm Courses

Winter Interterm Courses

MGMT 3700/4700: Virtual New Venture Strategy

Virtual New Venture Strategy

MGMT 3700/4700 - 4 credits

Dates*: November 21 - December 21, 2012
Instructor: Bahman Ebrahimi

*This is an online course.

Description: This course examines the roles and responsibilities of top managers in developing, implementing, and managing an effective organization-wide strategy. Students learn new perspectives and concepts as well as integrate learning from previous course work to solve complex and challenging business problems. 

Strategy / Strategic Management is a course that builds off several previous courses and your business acumen. Students will examine such issues as the vision/mission/values of the organization, the key industry forces that influence the competitive environment, ways of creating and sustaining a core competency and competitive advantage, formulating strategy, and critical strategy implementation issues. In doing this, the course integrates concepts from accounting, finance, general management, human resources, information technology, manufacturing, and marketing. In other words, this is not strictly a management course!

In addressing these issues, the course involves a mix of strategic tools with real world examples and an online simulation game. The course will be offered in a virtual environment in which students are expected to apply and discuss the various aspects of strategic management.

The most important outcomes of the course for students will be an understanding of how strategy is formulated, the ability to recognize and analyze issues surrounding various aspects of strategy, and the ability to recommend a strategic course of action for a venture.  The primary method for developing these skills will be preparation for and active participation in online discussions, and managing an online strategic management simulation game virtual company.

This is a course involving analysis of internal and external environments, formulation of broad goals and specific objectives, and formulation of strategies, and execution of policies in the global marketplace. One goal of the course is for the students to develop their own analytic structure, which enhances their career success.


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