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Nicaragua: Development Dilemmas


Nicaragua: Development Dilemmas 

GEOG 3930 - 4 credits

Course Dates: November 25 - December 4, 2017
Location: Nicaragua
Instructors: Matthew Taylor
Registration Deadline: November, 1st

Join Dr. Taylor in this exploration of the rapid change taking place in this region. Nicaragua brings to mind images of AK-47s and rocket launchers on the shoulders of peasants breaking the shackles of imperialism in a long battle for freedom. But is that the reality of modern Nicaragua? Despite the longevity of the Sandinista movement there, Nicaragua is now a hot spot for land speculators and foreigners willing to take the risk to get away from the life in the West. But, what are the consequences of this renewed colonization by the North on lands and people in the South? This class explores exactly that question and examines how the Nicaraguan revolution sits amidst plans for million dollar homes on the Pacific Coast.

Take advantage Dr. Taylor's decade of research in the region and get the back roads and stories. Be prepared for dust, mud, encounters with Sandinista ex-combatants claiming beach land, hard-core surfers, fisherman, and to be fully inserted into local culture. Go fishing with locals from remote villages and discuss their views on current and impending cultural and environmental changes. Speak with the developers of a billion dollar resort. Interview surfers who have now found the best waves in Central America. Ask locals and foreigners alike if the region can support proposed development. We will also gain insight from several NGOs created by DU alumni and participate in several ongoing DU research projects.

Approximate Travel Costs*:

Airfare: $700 - $1000 (Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements.)
Program Fee:

$1,700 (Covers lodging, most meals, and ground transportation)

Cancellation Fee:

$1,700 (Applied in the event student drops the course after having been officially registered.)

*Tuition fees apply and are in addition to travel expenses. These expenses are approximate and therefore subject to change.

Contact: Matthew Taylor at for more course information.

SPACE IS LIMITED TO 8 STUDENTS. Applications are being accepted  until November 1, 2017 OR until the course is full.   Application forms available online.