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Interterm Courses

Winter Interterm Courses

JAPN 1216: Popular Culture of Japan

Popular Culture of Japan

JAPN 1216 - 4 credits

Dates: November 22 -December 19, 2017
Days: Online
Instructor: Orna Shaughnessy


This course will be conducted entirely online. In this course we examine and analyze the emergence of particular forms of mass-produced culture, or culture for mass consumption, in Japan from the early modern period to the present. Using a variety of cultural materials enjoyed from the early modern period (1600-1868,) during which Japanese society underwent extensive urbanization, secularization, and cultural commodification, through to the present, the course focuses on overarching themes: media and information technology (woodblock printing, newspapers, and the internet); entertainment and gender (the all-male kabuki theatre and all-female Takarazuka revue); commodified romance; fiction (illustrated fiction, manga, and novels); anime and television fandom; healer-bots and cyborgs. No knowledge of Japanese required.

Contact: Orna Shaughnessy