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Interterm Courses

Winter Interterm Courses

Religion and Film: Screening the Sacred

Religion and Film: Screening the Sacred

RLGS3701- 4 credits

Dates: November 30 - December 17, 2015
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Time: 12pm - 4:45pm
Instructor: Luis Leon


Description: This course explores spirituality though film. Understanding religion requires us to take culture seriously; religion is a cultural system. In doing so, we must consider products of culture, including popular culture. This course engages both classic and more recent films as "texts" to be analyzed, not as mere entertainments or diversions. we focus not only on those films that identify them selves explicitly as "religious" or reflect a particular religious tradition, but also movies that render the subject more obliquely, which reveal- via image and sound- religion as a complex human activity. 

We will see films each meeting in class, and i will ask you to write a paper analyzing comparing them, incorporating insights gained from reading and from class discussions. Our goals include understanding how film frames and mediates religious expression, in addition to gaining knowledge of religious traditions themselves, as well as gaining an appreciation for film criticism, however, I will introduce some basic terms in film theory so that students will acquire a vocabulary enabling them to discuss films.

Contact: Luis Leon