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Religious and Social Justice in Vienna

viennaFoundations in Religion: Religious and Social Justice in Vienna

RLGS 2106/3701 - 4 credits

Dates in Vienna: December 10 - 17, 2017 (Online coursework will take place from November 26 - December 24)
Location: Vienna, Austria
Instructor: Carl Raschke
Registration Deadline: Oct. 15 or when course is full.

Description: Most people are familiar with Vienna as a charming culturally and historically rich Central European city. It was once the capital of the sprawling, multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian empire. Few Americans, however, are aware of the degree to which Vienna has become the international center for UN-directed human services and humanitarian relief efforts, as well as global headquarters for leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  Vienna, along with New York, Geneva, and Nairobi, is one of the four cities that host the United Nations.  The Vienna International Center (VIC) for the UN – commonly known as UNO city – is home to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and its international atomic energy agency. Over 400 major NGOs have Vienna addresses.  The sprawling presence of the UN and its NGO affiliates has attracted leading religious relief and resettlement organizations from around the world. Relief agencies from all the world’s major religions, including European entities, are headquartered in Vienna.

This course will provide an opportunity for students to learn how certain major religions are globally engaged in the promotion of social justice through humanitarian relief work. In addition to a brief survey of the historical relationship between the beliefs, teachings, and social practices of the major Western traditions. The course will offer hands-on experience and interaction with Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant relief agencies as well as other faith-based NGOs such as World Vision. Through city tours and field trips students will discover how the culture, history, and geography of Vienna has nurtured the vast global human services “economy” to which these religious organizations contribute and which are built around the work of the United Nations.

Approximate Travel Costs*:

Airfare: $1,000 - 1,400 (Students are responsible for making flight arrangements.)
Program Fee: $750 (Covers lodging, most meals, ground transportation and museum entrance fees)
Cancellation Fee: $750 (Applied to student account in the event that student drops course after being officially registered.)

*These figures are estimates and subject to change. Cost of tuition is additional to the fees outlined above. 

Contact:  Carl A. Raschke 

Apply/Register: Complete the application packet and return to Shannon Jahn, Interterm Manager.