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Staff Advisory Council

Staff Advisory Council


Members of a committee may consist of both members and non-members of the Council who are staff.

Each committee shall have a chair who will be responsible for the budgetary, administrative and project coordination of all committee functions.

The chair will also preside over all committee meetings and be responsible for the general report-out of committee activities to the Council at the monthly Council meeting. The chair shall be elected by the committee members or appointed by the Executive Committee.

The chair may also be required to attend Executive Committee meetings as necessary.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

This committee is the administrative body that operates the Staff Advisory Council (SAC). The primary goal of the committee is to oversea the functions and operations of the Staff Advisory Council in accordance with the bylaws.

This committee is made up of the following members who are elected from within SAC:

  1. President
  2. Immediate past president
  3. Vice president/President elect
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Webmaster

The Executive Committee is responsible for addressing any proposals for policy/procedure changes submitted by the SAC Staff Issues Committee.

The committee oversees the efforts of the Elections Ad-hoc committee.

In addition, this committee is responsible for awarding monetary gifts to qualifying individuals from the Staff Benevolent Fund. (Active throughout the year)

Staff Action and Resource Committee

The primary goal of the Staff Action and Resource Committee is to keep track of any action items that surface during SAC meetings or specially called committee meetings.

The Staff Action and Resource Committee is responsible for assigning said action item(s) to either a committee or council member, as well as ensuring that the item is addressed appropriately and in a timely manner.

The Staff Action and Resource Committee will provide status updates at the regular council meetings or when the president requests such update.

Furthermore, this Committee is to collaborate and draft proposals to add/change/amend any DU policies and procedures affecting the well-being and productivity of the staff as surfaced at said meetings, and present those findings to the Executive Committee. (Active throughout the year, as needed)

Outreach Committee

This committee is responsible to work with the webmaster to keep the website and flyer information up to date, as well as provide new content for the website.

Members of the committee are also expected to represent the SAC at orientation, the benefits fair or anywhere else where the SAC should be represented. This committee will also be involved in the recruiting of new members and/or replacements of members across campus. (Active throughout the year or as needed)

Community and Events Committees

The primary goal of these committees is to focus on ways in which the SAC can promote a sense of community among staff members and the neighborhoods surrounding DU.

The overall goal is to build trust, teamwork and pride amongst staff members working with and within the greater University community.

To aid this goal, the SAC conducts various community and staff events, recognition programs, fundraising activities (which directly fund staff programs) and community outreach efforts on behalf of the DU staff.

Coat Drive Subcommittee

The primary goal of this committee is to organize and execute the annual Coat Drive on campus.  The drive typically runs for two weeks in late January or early February.

Staff Appreciation Picnic Subcommittee

The primary goal of this committee is to plan and execute the annual Staff and Faculty Appreciation Day Picnic on campus.

The event is typically held on the third Thursday in July—though there is a push to move it to Friday in August, with an all-campus casual day and dismissal after the picnic. (This is something the committee should look into!)

SpringFest and Egg Hunt SubCommittee

The primary goal of this committee is to organize and execute the Annual SpringFest and Egg Hunt for the greater DU community on campus. (The event takes place the day before Easter—a Saturday.)

Employee Recognition Committee (Staff Awards)

The primary goal of the Employee Recognition/Staff Awards Committee is the selection of winners for the staff awards at the annual Convocation.

Currently, there are four staff awards:

  • The Outstanding Service Award
  • The Crimson and Gold Award
  • The Quality Department Award
  • The Staff Innovator Award

The Committee is responsible for soliciting and reviewing all nominations from staff, faculty and students received by the deadline and selecting those most qualified to receive the awards.

In addition, the Committee is responsible for providing a short summary/bio of the staff member receiving the award, to be read by the vice chancellor of Human Resources at time of award presentation. (The event is typically mid-September to mid-October.)

Note: Planning for the events starts typically three months before the event. Expect to meet on a monthly basis and be present at the event itself.