DU Work-Study Supervisor Update

April 2013

In this update:

  • Student Employee Appreciation Week
  • Monitoring Earnings
  • Last Day to Work for 2012-13
  • Last Day to Submit Timesheets
  • Work-Study Supervisor Trainings
  • 2013-14 Job Postings
  • 2013-14 Hiring
  • First Day to Work for 2013-14
  • Handbooks/User Guides

Student Employment Appreciation Week

Our thanks to everyone who participated in our Student Employee Appreciation event on the Driscoll Green last week. We served 600 Duffey rolls, gave away 350 travel mugs and poured 2,112 ounces of coffee!

Monitoring Work-Study Earnings

It is your responsibility to monitor work-study employee earnings to ensure that your students do not earn more than their award. In the event of an overage, your department is responsible for paying that overage out of your operating budget. To prevent this from occurring, you can monitor earnings using Banner form RZIWORK or Banner report RJRDPPR. If you do not have access, please complete a Banner Security Request Form for Financial Aid access.

Last Day to Work for 2012-13

The last day for students to utilize their 2012-13 work-study award is June 6, 2013. (May 16th is the last day that Law students may work). There is no work-study available for summer.

Last Day to Submit Timesheets

All timesheets need to be submitted through the formal payroll cycle by BW 13 to be paid out of work-study funds for 2012-13. Hours submitted for payment after BW 13 time entry closes will be the responsibility of your department.

Work-Study Supervisor Trainings

The upcoming Work-Study Supervisor trainings are now posted on the DU training site:

Training is not mandatory, but we will be reviewing the following processes:

  • Verifying that a student employee has been given a work-study award
  • Posting a position on the Student Employment website
  • PioneerWeb online hiring process
  • Paying a student for time worked with PHATIME
  • Monitoring awards and remaining balances with RZIWORK

If you are a new work-study supervisor, or need a refresher, we hope you will attend one of our trainings!

2013-14 Job Postings

Work-study positions can begin to be posted for the 2013-14 academic year on June 3rd. In order to repost your current positions to recruit new students, you can move your saved job descriptions to "listed." Be sure to change your dates for the 2013-14 academic year.

2013-14 Hiring

We will begin processing hiring requests for the 2013-14 academic year on June 17th, after students are terminated for the 2012-13 year. Students must complete their new hire paperwork directly with Stacey Barnum in Human Resources. You can look on RZIWORK to confirm if these forms are required. The Online Hiring Request must be completed for all students on PioneerWeb. After logging in, go to the "Employee" tab and click on "Work Award Hire." You will need the student's ID #, home organization #, timesheet organization #, and your complete job description copied from the Student Employment website.

First Day to Work for 2013-14

If a student has received work-study for 2013-14, they may begin working as early as July 1, 2013, provided they are enrolled in classes for the fall quarter/semester. If an incoming student would like to begin working over the summer, and the student does not attend DU in the fall, the department will assume responsibility for all earnings.

Student Employment Policies

The Work-Study Supervisor Handbook and Student Employment Website User Guide can be downloaded from our website. We also have answers to FAQ's about the work-study program.

Lori Orzech
Assistant Director, Student Employment
lori.orzech@du.edu | 303-871-4090

Vicky Gillen
Financial Aid Specialist
victoria.gillen@du.edu | 303-871-6795

Student Employment/Financial Aid | University Hall 255
303.871.6792 | FAX: 303.871.2341 | stuemp@du.edu

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