DU Work-Study Supervisor Update

December 2012

In this update:

  • Important Changes to Hiring Paperwork Processing
  • Performance Reviews and Merit Increases
  • Study Abroad / Transfer Students
  • Important Dates
  • Reminders

Important Changes to Hiring Paperwork Processing

As of November 1st, all I-9 and W-4 forms will be completed within the HR department. Once a new hire has completed his/her background check, please have them contact Stacey Barnum in HR to set up an appointment to complete their paperwork. Stacey suggests you send the following email to your prospective hire: "Please contact DU's HR Coordinator, Stacey Barnum, at 303-871-3502 or Stacey.Barnum@du.edu to set up an appointment to complete your I-9 and W-4."

Students also have the option to come to the New Hire Orientation, which occurs every Monday at 8:30 am (directions on how to sign them up for this session are on the background check results email). Students can fill out all necessary forms at one of these sessions.

Performance Reviews and Merit Increases

Performance evaluations are optional this year, though highly encouraged. One of the most beneficial aspects of a review is it may offer a rare chance for supervisors and students to have a one-on-one discussion of important work issues that might not otherwise be addressed. In addition, a performance evaluation offers a valuable opportunity to focus on work activities and goals, to identify and correct existing problems, and to encourage more productive future performance. The exception is for supervisors requesting a Merit Pay Increase. For these students a Performance Evaluation form will be required. Only student employees who have been employed for 6 months, or who have worked 400 hours since the beginning of the 2012-13 academic year are eligible for a merit pay increase. Pay rates may not exceed the Student Pay Grade for which the position is classified, and cannot exceed 10% of the current salary. These forms are found on the Student Employment website under "Additional Forms for the Work Program."

Study Abroad / Transfer Students

We currently have 53 students who have not been hired. Most of these students are returning from study abroad, but several are January transfers or students who deferred their award to winter quarter. If you are actively seeking work-study students to fill your positions, let me know the job title/position number/contact info and I will include it on an email I will be sending out next week.

Important Dates

  • January 31 - Last date for all students to secure employment. Students not hired by January 31 will have their awards cancelled.
  • March 15 - The priority deadline for students to submit their 2013-14 FAFSA and CSS PROFILE is March 15th, and all verification documents (if requested) should be submitted by April 1st. Applying for financial aid by the priority deadline will ensure your current student employees will be considered for a work-study next year.
  • April 7-13 - National Student Employee Appreciation Week
  • June 6 - Last day for students to work using 2012-13 work-study funds.


Award Increases: Unfortunately, we are not accepting requests for award increases. With cuts to our work-study funding this year, we still have many work-study positions which have gone unfilled. Our current projections indicate our work-study funding has been fully allocated. If funds become available to award, we will notify students from the waitlist.

Removing Jobs from the Student Employment Website: If your department has filled your work-study position, please send an email to stuemp@du.edu so that we may remove the job posting as quickly as possible. We would like for returning study abroad students to have an idea of the departments that are still actively looking for support.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Student Employment.


Lori Orzech
Assistant Director, Student Employment

Vicky Gillen
Financial Aid Specialist

Student Employment/Financial Aid | University Hall 255
303.871.6792 | FAX: 303.871.2341 | stuemp@du.edu

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