DU Work-Study Supervisor Update

September 2013

In this update:

  • Work-Study Orientation and Networking Fair
  • Hiring and Closing Positions
  • Hiring Deadlines
  • Work-Study Award Increases
  • Work-Study Supervisor Training
  • Work-Study Student Handbook

Work-Study Orientation and Networking Fair

We had over 30 supervisors came to the event held on September 7th, and many made connections with students, hopefully resulting in positions being filled for their departments. Our thanks to all those who participated! If you attended the event and would like to email us any feedback, we would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks!

Hiring and Closing Positions

If you have completed the hiring for a position posted on the student employment website, please notify all candidates of the status of their employment. We are receiving numerous calls from students who state they have never heard back regarding a position they applied for. In addition, please move the position to either "Review" mode or "Storage." In Review mode all applications for the position will remain attached. Moving a job to Storage will delete all applications. Please do not keep positions active on the website if you are no longer hiring.

Hiring Deadline

Students must secure a work-study position by October 15th, or their award will be cancelled. An exception is made for students on study abroad – these students will have until January 31st to secure employment. After this date we will cancel awards for those students who have not been hired and award from our waitlist if funds are available. If your department is struggling to fill positions, please let me know so I can direct students to these available opportunities.

Work-Study Award Increases

Due to the cuts in work-study program funding, we are not accepting requests for award increases. If funds do become available in the future, we will award to students on the work-study waitlist. We have many positions on campus that have not been filled.

Work-Study Supervisor Training

Our next Work-Study Supervisor Training is scheduled for Thursday, September 26th from 10:00 – 11:00 am in Sturm Hall 353. Registration is through DU – Training & Development on PioneerWeb under the Banner Financial Aid Work Award Training link. We will review posting positions on the student employment website, hiring students through PioneerWeb, monitoring awards throughout the year, merit increases, performance evaluations and time entry.

Work-Study Student Handbook

Our 2013-14 Work-Study Student Handbook is now available for you to download and distribute to your work-study students.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Student Employment. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!


Lori Orzech
Assistant Director, Student Employment

Vicky Gillen
Financial Aid Specialist

Student Employment/Financial Aid | University Hall 255
303.871.6792 | FAX: 303.871.2341 | stuemp@du.edu

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