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Office of Student Employment

Positions that Require Work-Study

About work-study

What is work-study?
Work-study is a need-based financial aid award that allows you to work on campus (or with an approved off-campus employer) to earn money to help pay for educational expenses. It's not a grant (because you must work to earn it), and it's not a loan (because you don't have to repay it).

How do I get work-study?
Because work-study funding is limited, it's not included in all students' award packages. Priority is given to those who applied for financial aid early, and if you're eligible, it will be included on your financial aid award letter. If you've been offered work-study, you will need to accept it through PioneerWeb by July 1st and secure a position by October 15th or it will be cancelled. (Current students who are studying abroad in the fall have until January 31st to secure a position.)

You can only apply for work-study positions if you have this award as a part of your financial aid package, and you must be enrolled at least  half-time  to use it (at least 6 credits undergraduate students, at least 4 credits for graduate and law students).

What if I wasn't offered work-study?
You may contact Financial Aid to ask to be placed on the waitlist. In the meantime, you can view and apply for any of the off-campus positions posted through our online job board.

How to Find a Work-Study Job

  1. Log into PioneerWeb.
  2. Go to your Student tab.
  3. Click on any of the links in the "Work Award Information" box (these links are on the bottom right side of the page). 

Positions are posted beginning on June 1st for each upcoming academic year.

Don't see these links? Be sure you have accepted your work-study award through PioneerWeb. Click on the "View and Accept Award Offer" link on your Student tab, choose the appropriate academic year, and go to the Accept Award Offer tab. Choose "Accept" in the drop-down next to your work-study award and submit.

Community Service Work-Study Positions

Students with work-study have the option of partnering with nonprofits and government agencies that strive to enhance the quality of life for residents—especially low-income individuals—within a 30-mile radius of the University of Denver. These positions enable students to engage in meaningful service that is designed to meet community needs. All partners must agree to cover 30% of student wages.

You can search for Community Service positions by clicking on the "Community Service Work-Study Jobs" link on your Student tab in PioneerWeb.