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Understanding Credits & GPA

Most undergraduate classes at DU are four credits each (also known as quarter hours) .Single undergraduate degrees will contain between 183 and 198 credits. The credit requirements for your degree can be found in the undergraduate bulletin.

Credits are generally broken down into three sections: major, minor, and common curriculum. For a 183 credit BA degree, the credits are broken down in this degree components worksheet. For many degrees and majors, information about how credits are divided to make up the degree can be found on departmental websites.

Information about grading and academic standing can be found in the academic policies and procedures section of the undergraduate bulletin.

It is important to note that students with:

  • a GPA above a 2.2 are in good standing with the university
  • a GPA between a 2.2 and a 2.0 are on academic warning while remaining in good standing with the university
  • a GPA below 2.0 are on academic probation, no longer in good standing and at risk of being suspended or dismissed from the university.

Your cumulative and term GPA can be found on your academic transcript.