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Click on the links below for more information about undergraduate academic policies at the University of Denver. If you have additional questions contact us at 303-871-2455 or [email protected] or come visit us in the Center for Academic and Career Development in Driscoll south underneath the DU Bookstore.

Concurrent Degree

Students interested in completing two bachelor's degrees concurrently (eg. BA and BSBA) should visit an advisor in our office prior to completing this concurrent degree form to understand the necessary requirements. This form must be signed by major advisors and returned to the Registrar's Office on the garden level of University Hall.

Change/Declare a Degree/Major/Minor

To change or declare a major/minor/degree, students will need to complete the Application to Declare or Change Undergraduate Degree/Major/Minor.  If students are updating their major or degree, they will need to receive a signature from a departmental advisor, whereas, no signature is needed to update minors.  Once completed, students need to submit their completed form to the Office of the Registrar in University Hall.   Note: Students must have a declared major by the time they have earned 75 credits.

Add/Drop a Course

Students should visit the Registrar's website for add/drop deadlines. Any courses dropped after week 1 will result in a W on a transcript. In weeks 1-5 students can drop courses via PioneerWeb. Dropping a course after week 6 requires an instructor's signature on an add/drop form. These forms can be found in the Center for Academic and Career Development underneath the bookstore. Students wanting to add or drop classes after week 8 must go through the Academic Exceptions process.

Credit Overload

Students registering for 20 or 21 credit hours in one quarter need to submit a credit overload form. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for approval. Students should be aware that any credits above 18 result in additional tuition charges. Contact the Bursar's Office for information about tuition and fees.

Course Substitution/Waiver

Students wanting to substitute or waive a course must fill out the course substitution or waiver form with approval from the dean, faculty member, or advisor. Forms should be returned to the Registrar's Office on the garden level of University Hall.

Graduate Level Courses as an Undergraduate

Students in good academic standing can seek permission to take a graduate level course (4000-4999) as an undergraduate. Signatures from the instructor, chairperson, Academic Advising office, and dean's office must be obtained on the request for graduate course as part of the undergraduate degree form before it is returned to the Registrar's Office on the garden level in University Hall.

Study Abroad Course Approval

Information about student abroad course approval can be found on the Study Abroad website. Students should obtain course approval for major, minor, and common curriculum courses from the appropriate academic department.

Academic Exceptions

Students can review the Academic Exceptions Policy and learn more about the process by visiting the Undergraduate Academic Programs website. 

Students may meet with an Academic Advisor in Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence for support submitting an academic exceptions petition or understanding the process by visiting our office in Driscoll South, Suite 30, or contacting us at 303-871-2455 or [email protected].


Students wishing to withdraw from ALL classes should submit a request through Pioneer Web.  Log into Pioneer Web-  Click Myweb- Student & Financial Aid- Registration- Withdraw at DU.  Students wishing to withdraw can also submit a withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar.  Students should go through the Academic Exceptions process to drop classes after the published drop deadline.

Please reference the Withdraw Checklist to insure that you understand the ramifications of withdrawing from the University of Denver for the term. 

Leave of Absence

Students withdrawing from the university that plan to return to their studies at the University of Denver need to meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising office in addition to following the withdrawal procedures outlined above. At the meeting, students will complete a leave of absence application in collaboration with an advisor.

Policy Information: Students can elect to withdraw from classes and take a Leave of Absence for up to one year. After withdrawing from classes, students fill out a Leave of Absence form each year to be considered as a continuing student at DU. After five years away from DU, students may no longer extend their leave of absence using this process. Students that have been away from DU for five years or more have to completely re-apply to be admitted to DU through the Office of Admission.

Medical Leave of Absence and Medical Re-entry

A student with a mental health and/or physical health condition may elect to apply for a Medical Leave of Absence from the University. The Medical Leave of Absence and Medical Reentry Policies describe the circumstances under which a student may request a Medical Leave of Absence and the procedures the student must follow.
Please click here to work with the Office of Student Outreach and Support for more information and to submit a Medical Leave of Absence or a Medical Reentry.