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Best Practices


Tracking and evaluating different aspects of your event is truly a best practice. Such measures allow you to observe the growth and effectiveness of your organization’s events over time. Remember that the data you collect will not only benefit your organization now, but in the future, as well.


Tracking your expenses throughout the year helps the USG Finance Committee see exactly how your organization demonstrates fiscal responsibility. Based on your financial behavior, the Committee may increase your bid for funding for the following year. Additionally, keeping a record will assist the Student Comptroller during the reimbursement process.


Tracking attendance is a great way to measure an event’s success. This data can also help you learn whether or not the time slot of your weekly meeting is a good choice. By combining data from multiple events and meetings, you can measure how many people attended your events throughout the year.

Student organizations can check out swipe card readers at the Office of Student Engagement! When members and attendees swipe their student IDs at events, organizations can track involvement throughout the year. This information will help student leaders provide more meaningful programming in the future. For more information on checking out a swipe card reader, contact the Office of Student Engagement.


After all the planning that goes into each event, it is always a good idea to reflect and evaluate the event and its impact. We recommend revisiting what your programming objectives were and if your event reached those objectives. Consider what went well at your event and what you would like to do to improve in the future. When creating your event in OrgSync, check out the Advanced Options to find forms related to reflection and learning outcomes.