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Best Practices


If you have a great event in mind, but have limited funds, you might consider doing some fundraising. Below are just a few of the ways you can raise money for your event.


Fundraising options can be anything from easy to laborious. Many businesses, both local and corporate, will consider partnering with your organization should the partnership be beneficial to both parties.

Selling materials or services is a great way to increase your organization’s budget. Some options for this method include:

  • Tickets to events
  • Food items
  • Magazines
  • T-shirts
  • Car washes
  • Discount cards or coupon books
  • Etc.!

Be sure to consult the Office of Student Engagement before proceeding with any fundraising effort to ensure it adheres to University policy.


One of the most effective ways to have a successful event is to co-program with other student organizations. You can find other organizations to partner with, as well as contact information for that organization, by browsing OrgSync.

Co-programming is a mutual relationship. Both organizations should benefit from the partnership. Include all involved parties on advertisements and event notices. After the event, thank all related parties to ensure future partnerships. For any partnership that includes a transfer of money, be sure to follow up with the Student Comptroller as well as the treasurer of the partnering organization.

Check the OrgSync Master Calendar to see if your event may conflict with other student organization events happening on campus on that date.


Meeting with USG is a great opportunity to advertise your event and to gain campus support. USG meets on Tuesdays at 6:00PM in the Anderson Academic Commons Special Events Room. Many student leaders attend these meetings regularly to represent their organization, establish relationships with other student leaders, and learn more about other student organizations.

It is possible to appeal to USG for funds, but this should be done well in advance of your event and before any forms are submitted. If you are interested in discussing your ideas with USG, send them an email.

ProTip: If over 75% of your organization’s members attend a BOSS Training by the end of winter quarter, you can receive extra funding for your organization when you fill out the Student Organization Finance Application for the following year.


DUPB is a student-run organization with the mission of providing entertaining, inexpensive, inclusive and sustainable events for all undergraduate students. Like USG, DUPB is also able to give additional support to student groups. To apply for a partnership with DUPB, fill out the DUPB Partnership Request Form on OrgSync.


DU After Dark is a funding opportunity for DU student organizations. Student groups can apply for up to $750, provided their event aligns with the mission of DU After Dark. Eligible programs must:

  • Be held on campus
  • Be open and accessible to all DU students
  • Maintain an alcohol-free and drug-free environment
  • Be held in the late evening

To apply, fill out the DU After Dark Application Form. We suggest filling out this application at least two weeks before your event.


DU’s Diversity Committee supports events that a) promote inclusive excellence, and b) are open to all students on campus. To inquire about co-programming opportunities, fill out the Diversity Committee Funding Application on their OrgSync page.


Sustainability Committee is an organization that supports events promoting sustainable practices, such as zero waste events. Check out Sustainability Committee on OrgSync to find out about co-programming, funding and zero waste opportunities.