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Banner - Best Practices

Best Practices


Marketing your event is essential for reaching students. Your marketing strategy might include advertising, co-programming, and developing personal relationships across campus.


Advertising is great way to get your event noticed on campus. Below are just a few of the methods you may choose to employ.

Note: DO NOT start advertising until receiving confirmation for all space requests and obtaining approval for your event.

Banners in Driscoll Student Center

If you’ve noticed the banners in the Driscoll Bridge, you know how effective they can be at grabbing students’ attention. Approval from Francisco Chacon must be given prior to placing your banner in the Driscoll Student Center. Once the banner is approved, the Driscoll Student Center staff will install the banner in the approved location.

The Clarion

The Clarion is DU’s student newspaper. For either digital or print advertising spots, contact the Editor-In-Chief.

The Pioneer Business Review

The Pioneer Business Review is an independent, student-run newspaper that aims to engage, inspire and acknowledge the members of the University of Denver’s business community. If you’re interested in advertising in this paper, contact:

Pioneer Business Review
Phone: 970-227-9921


All flyers must be approved prior to being posted on campus. Flyer approval expires after three weeks. Where you get your flyer approved will impact where you will be allowed to post that flyer. If you have any questions about posting flyers in a particular building, consult the building supervisor.

Get your flyer stamped at the Driscoll North Information Desk before posting them in the below locations:

  • Anderson Academic Commons
  • Boettcher Center
  • Driscoll Student Center
  • Margery Reed Hall
  • Mary Reed Building
  • Mass Communication Building
  • Olin Hall
  • Sturm Hall

Ben M. Cherrington Hall: To post flyers in Ben M. Cherrington Hall, get your flyer stamped at the Student Affairs Office in Room 101 on the first floor of Cherrington Hall. Three flyers are allowed per organization, per event.

Newman Center: When you enter the Newman Center, there is a bulletin board by the elevator on your right hand side. You can post flyers there without approval.

Residence Halls: Flyers can be posted in the residence halls, but they must first be approved at the Nagel Front Desk. Only one flyer can be placed in each residence hall.

ProTip: Hang posters at a local business with approval from the General Manager.

Office of Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement will be informed of your event when you create an event on OrgSync. When you create your event, you can specify if you would like your event to be considered for inclusion on the official OrgSync calendar. This campus-wide calendar is one of the easiest ways to advertise your event.

Registering your event with the Office of Student Engagement also allows them to promote your event on their Facebook page and in their bi-weekly OrgConnect newsletter. You can also print 25 color flyers for free at the Office of Student Engagement in the Driscoll Underground.


Undergraduate Student Government: USG sends out the weekly Undergraduate Student Update. To get your event on that newsletter, contact USG before Sunday at 6:00PM. Make sure you include details such as date, time, location, and an event summary.

President’s Digest for Fraternity and Sorority Life: This newsletter is a weekly blast to the presidents of all fraternities and sororities on campus. Though this newsletter generally pertains to events exclusive to fraternities and sororities, there is also a community section. Contact Lauren Utley to apply for inclusion in this blast.

Departmental: Your academic department may also send out a newsletter. If so, contact the administrative assistant for that specific department to inquire about how your event could be featured.


Reserving a table on Driscoll Bridge or outside of Sturm Hall is a great way to advertise your event. To submit a table reservation request, use 25Live. Make sure you submit your request at least a week in advance.

For outdoor tabling, you will pick up your table from the Driscoll North Information Desk. Since your event is outside, you might consider playing music. To rent speakers, you’ll need to request support from University Multimedia Services.


  • Don’t just hang up flyers—try interactive advertisements, like tabling.
  • Try different methods of advertising for every new event.
  • Sending personal emails or Facebook messages can generate a lot of interest.
  • After your event, post an event summary to Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media used by your organization.  Don’t forget the photos!
  • At the end of the year, use OrgSync to create a report on past events using pictures, data, and quotes. This will be a great resource to share with other student organizations, faculty and USG.

ProTip: For further supplies or marketing tips, go to the Office of Student Engagement in the Driscoll Underground.