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Campus Support Services


The Department of Facilities Management & Planning provides event support services in the following areas:

  • Room setup: Tables, chairs, stages
  • Irrigation: Sprinklers shut off
  • HVAC: Heating, ventilating, air conditioning
  • Grounds clean-up: Trash, snow removal
  • Brick paver permits: food trucks and other vehicles parking on the brick walkways

All of these services are requested through a Facilities Work Order. The Department of Facilities Management & Planning takes your requests and works with the respective offices on campus to meet your needs.

Note: If you are planning an event in the Anderson Academic Commons, DO NOT order tables and chairs through Facilities. Instead, note your setup and conversion needs in the Comments section of the Event Media Request Form.


To request the services described above, go to the Facilities Work Order site. Near the top right side of the page, under “Get it Fixed,” click Submit a Work Request. You’ll be taken to the Facilities iServiceDesk site. Click the Submit Work Request link in the middle of the page.

Write your event details in a clear, concise format like in the example below.

Contact: Jamie Doe, phone number, email
Location: Davis Auditorium, Sturm Hall
Event: (Name of Event) - (Org Planning the Event)
Date: 10/25/15
Start-End: 9:00AM-12:00PM
Set by: 7:30AM
Strike after: 1:00PM
Request: Set 3 X 6' banquet tables and 4 X white plastic folding chairs outside on 2nd floor hallway for registration. Set 4 X 6' banquet tables and 8 X white plastic folding chairs on center stage for speaker panel. Set podium downstage right. Request for one brick paver permit for a 1 ton pick-up truck that will come at 8 AM and stay until clean-up at 12:30PM.


ProTip: We recommend sending a room diagram, when appropriate, to Ken Parish, as this will provide a clear visual to supplement the text in your Facilities Work Order.


If your event requires a vehicle, such as a food truck, to be able to drive/park on the sidewalks and paths, you will need a Brick Paver Permit. These can be requested through the Facilities Work Order, just like in the example above. On the work order, be sure to note:

  1. Number of vehicles
  2. Type of vehicle(s)
  3. Each vehicle’s weight
  4. Duration of stay

If you have questions about this process, contact Ken Parish.


If your event is cancelled after you’ve submitted a Facilities Work Order, make sure you notify Facilities Management & Planning of the cancellation. To do so, contact:

Ken Parish
Conversion Manager
Phone: 303-871-3298