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Event Planning Guide


The Event Planning Checklist includes campus requirements and deadlines to make sure your event planning and execution goes smoothly. You can either use this page as a handy guide, or print the Checklist PDF.

ProTip: If you’re throwing a very large or high impact event, you might need more time than the suggested time frames listed below.

2+ Months before the event | Pre-Planning

6-8 Weeks Before the Event | Planning

3-6 Weeks before the event | Outreach

1-3 Weeks before the event | Confirming & Advertising

  • Confirm orders with campus support services and communicate any changes
  • Confirm orders with vendors and communicate any changes (consult the Office of Student Engagement if you’re awaiting contract approval)
  • Purchase decorations and/or supplies
  • If desired, request a Swipe Card Reader from the Office of Student Engagement
  • Begin the marketing process: get promotional materials approved, distribute promotional materials, and create event on social media.

Week of the event | Preparing

  • Confirm headcount with caterer (if applicable)
  • Get the word out by tabling
  • Continue to advertise on social media
  • Review delegated responsibilities
  • Retrieve Swipe Card Reader from the Office of Student Engagement (if applicable)

Day of the event

  • Arrive early for setup
  • Measure attendance with Swipe Card Reader (if applicable)
  • Have a blast!
  • Clean up afterwards
  • Return all material to respective places

Day after the event | Follow-up

  • Submit original, tax-exempt, and itemized receipts for reimbursement
  • Write and send thank you notes to vendors, on-campus support services, and relevant DU faculty and staff

Week after the event | Evaluation

  • Reflect on event
  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses with organization
  • Begin planning your next event!