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Event Planning Guide


The financial aspect of student organization event planning can be daunting. Use this page as a guide to navigating payment, purchases, reimbursements, deposits and treasury.


Purchasing Order (PO): A PO is a document from the University to a vendor stating the amount that will be paid for the services that have been rendered. At least two weeks before an event, student organizations must fill out the Purchase Order/Vendor Payment/Non-funded Check Request Form to request payment of services or products from the organization's account.

Vendor Payment: As representatives of your student organization and the University of Denver, being responsible with your money and that of others will pave the way for strong relationships with community partners. For further details on this procedure, reference contracts.

Net 30: The University of Denver is a Net 30 institution, which means that a vendor will be paid within 30 days after the service is rendered. It is your responsibility to make sure that the vendor is set up with the University. Once receiving the invoice, submit it to the Student Comptroller for payment. The Student Comptroller will then send a check to the vendor after the services are rendered.


Purchase Card: If you need to purchase anything for your event, the best method is to use a Purchasing Card (P-Card). In order to reserve the P-Card, you must fill out a Purchase Card Request Form on OrgSync. If this is your first time requesting the P-Card, then you will be asked to fill out the Purchasing Card Questionnaire Form. This quiz-like form ensures that you have read the Purchase Card User Guide. You must receive a perfect score on the quiz to reserve the P-Card.

All purchases should be tax-exempt. Immediately after making a purchase, you need to return the P-Card to the Student Comptroller. You must also turn in an itemized receipt that is tax-exempt. If the receipt is from a restaurant, you must also include a list of people who were present.

P-Card Rules:

  • You must submit your request for the P-Card at least three days in advance.
  • If the order will cost more than $2,000 dollars, you must request the P-Card at least five days in advance.
  • The P-Card must be returned before Friday at 4:00PM.
  • You cannot have the P-Card for more than 24 hours.
  • You cannot spend more than $3,000 dollars.
  • You cannot use the P-Card to pay for lodging, gifts, prizes, parking tickets or citations.
  • You cannot use the P-Card at Sam’s Club or Costco.


If you decide to purchase items using your own money, you can get reimbursed from your organization’s account. In order to get reimbursed, you must submit the Reimbursement Form on OrgSync. You must also turn in the original, itemized, tax-exempt receipt to the Student Comptroller’s office. In order to make sure that the transaction is tax exempt, you can print the Tax Exempt Form from OrgSync.

Please be aware that it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to get reimbursed. To ensure that this process happens as quickly as possible, make sure your documents are all in the proper format.


Cash Box: A cash box can be requested by a student organization in order to use secure funds during fundraising, cash collections, donations, and other events/activities that may involve cash collections. You can request up to $100 in a cash box. If you would like to request more money, you must meet with the Student Comptroller to obtain approval. Please note that the Cash Box Request Form must be submitted a minimum of three weeks before the event. For further questions, email the Student Comptroller. You will know the process is complete when you receive an email indicating the time and date to pick up the cash box.

Transfer: One organization can transfer money into another organization’s account. This is accomplished by completing the Transfer Request Form. After completing the form, the Student Comptroller will review the form to ensure that it has been completed accurately and that there are sufficient funds in the account to transfer over.


Checkbook: With OrgSync, you can access your all of your financial details, including the budget number for your funded and non-funded accounts. To access this information, go to your organization’s OrgSync portal, click on More, then Treasury, then Manage Checkbooks.

Budgeting: Ensure that your student organization has enough money to run your event. Start by making a list of potential expenses for your event. Some expenses could include catering, parking, vendor payments, room reservations, A/V technology, setup fees, etc. If you’re low on funds, consider fundraising or co-programming.

Accounts: There are two types of student organization accounts.

  • Funded: The money in this account is allocated from USG on an annual basis. Money does not roll over from year to year. You will apply for funding annually in spring quarter using the Student Organizations Finance Application Form on OrgSync.
  • Non-Funded: The money in this account can come from fundraising, member dues, or any entity outside of the University. The money in this account rolls over from year to year.

Non-Funded Deposits: In order to deposit money into your non-funded account, you will need to submit the Non-Funded Deposit Form (Wells Fargo Account). You must submit deposits directly to the Student Comptroller within 48 hours of submitting the form. It will take up to seven days to process the form. The person depositing the money must also electronically sign the form as proof of deposit. Funds are deposited into Wells Fargo accounts once a week on Fridays.


If you have a financial question that wasn’t answered on this page, email the Student Comptroller or visit the Office of Student Engagement located in Driscoll Underground.