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Event Planning Guide

Hello, Student Leaders!

Planning an event at the University of Denver is a multi-layered process interwoven with logistical details, problem solving, and relationship building. To demystify the process for students, an interdisciplinary task force was brought together to create this website.

The Event Planning Guide (EPG) provides detailed instructions outlining all of the necessary steps to hold a successful event at DU. Below is a summary of the content you will find throughout this site.

Get a sense of the event planning process. Don’t forget to use the event planning checklist!

Space Reservations
Learn about locations on campus that are the best fit for your event, and find out how to book those spaces using 25Live or by contacting the scheduler.

Campus Support Services
Discover key service providers on campus, including Facilities, University Multimedia Services, Campus Safety, Parking Services, and Sodexo Catering.

Review what is required to bring a vendor, such as an external caterer, to the University of Denver. Identify liability concerns with the help of Risk Management.

OrgSync Registration
Learn how to join OrgSync, register your events with the Office of Student Engagement, and get your event added to the master calendar.

Find key financial information, including guides to reimbursement requests, cash box requests, fund transfer requests, and more.

Best Practices
Make your event the best it can be by considering fundraising, marketing and evaluation.

Upcoming Events

Curious about events taking place this month? Check out the OrgSync calendar below! To learn how to get YOUR event on the calendar, visit the OrgSync Registration page.