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Event Planning Guide

Space Reservations

The University of Denver’s campus provides student organizations with a variety of spaces on campus, both indoors and outdoors, for student events, activities and meetings.

Use the tables on the event spaces page as a guide to choosing the best location for your event. Note that many of the spaces listed are reserved via 25Live. For more information on how to use that system, view the 25Live instruction page.

Reserve spaces as far in advance as possible, keeping in mind that classes take precedence over event reservations. Academic classrooms can only be reserved after a quarter’s class schedule has been set. The busiest hours in academic buildings are between 10:00AM and 4:00PM. There is generally more availability on evenings and weekends.

Locked out? If you arrive to a room you’ve reserved and find it locked, first approach a staff person in the nearest academic office to ask for assistance. If your event is after hours and there is no one available to assist you, contact Campus Safety at 303-871-2334.


If your event is cancelled, be sure to cancel your room reservation as soon as possible. Note that fees may apply for no-shows and late cancellations.

25Live Reservations: If you used 25Live to place your reservation, first check your confirmation email to see if there are specific instructions as to how your reservation should be canceled. You might be instructed to use 25Live, and you might be instructed to contact the scheduler who sent you your confirmation email. When in doubt, contact the scheduler to ask for assistance.

Direct Reservations: For all spaces that were reserved outside of 25live, reach out via email or telephone to the individual who confirmed your reservation.

Recurring Reservations: If your event spans multiple days or happens on a recurring basis, contact the room scheduler to ask for assistance. The scheduler can cancel a specific date so all of your reservations are not cancelled.

No matter what, if you requested services from Facilities, University Multimedia Services, or another other University department, you must also notify them of the cancellation.