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Catering Vendors

While Sodexo is the University’s preferred caterer, you may decide to order catering from an external vendor if:

  1. Your event is NOT being held in one of the locations where Sodexo is required--those include the Anderson Academic Commons, the Ritchie Center, and the Driscoll Student Center.
  2. Your event is being held in a location where Sodexo is required, but since your event has a very limited budget, you have received permission to bring in snacks or catering from an external vendor.
  3. Your event is NOT being held in the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management, which provides in-house catering services.

If the external catering vendor you choose requires a contract or purchase order for their services, you will need to follow the same procedures described for other external good/service providers. This establishes the caterer as a vendor, which subjects them to the contracting process. Be sure to allow enough time (minimum six weeks) for the contract to be processed before your event.

External caterers usually do not provide tables. Find out from the caterer how many tables are needed, then coordinate with a representative from your event venue to find out how table setup is arranged.

ProTip: Be sure to choose a vendor that can accommodate DU’s tax-exempt status.


Bringing a food truck on campus requires additional documentation from the vendor. All items listed below should be submitted to the Office of Student Engagement in the Driscoll

Underground no later than six weeks before the event.

  1. Contract: This document should be provided by vendor.
  2. Vendor’s Proof of Insurance/Certificate of Insurance (COI): The University requires all vendors to show proof of insurance for a) general liability and b) worker’s compensation. In addition, the COI must list the “Colorado Seminary, which owns and operates the University of Denver" as an “additional insured.”
  3. Food License: The vendor(s) must be licensed to serve food in the city and county of Denver.
  4. Automobile Insurance: If the vendor operates out of a vehicle, then proof of automobile insurance must be provided.
  5. License Plate Number: The vendor must provide the license plate number of their truck.
  6. Weight of the Truck: This information is required for a brick paver permit that needs to be requested via a Facilities Work Order.


If you want to serve alcohol at your event, an extra set of policies and regulations apply.

  1. University funds may not be used to purchase alcohol when the majority of attendees at an event are less than 21 years of age.
  2. Student activity fees, including graduate student activity fees, may not be used to purchase alcohol under any circumstances. This means that alcohol may not be purchased with your organization’s allotted budget.
  3. Outcomes for individuals found to be in violation of these policies may include inactive outcomes (such as warnings, probation, suspension, or dismissal) and/or active outcomes (such as written assignments, community service, educational intervention, restrictions, or referrals).

For the full alcohol policy, reference the University of Denver Alcohol Policies and Procedures.

Should you choose to proceed after viewing the policies, first talk to your advisor. If your advisor gives support, contact the Office of Student Engagement for next steps.

Alcohol policies vary between campus locations, so you also need to check with your room scheduler for space-specific policies. Contact information for schedulers can be found on the event spaces page.

When working with an outside caterer in any location, please keep in mind that alcohol can only be served by a licensed bartender. In many on-campus locations, only Sodexo employees are permitted to serve alcohol. Additionally, if your event involves the sale of alcohol, you will need to secure a Special Event Liquor License through the City and County of Denver.

Notifying Campus Safety is mandatory for events featuring alcohol. Contact Doug Hasty at least two weeks before the event.

ProTip: Allow at least eight weeks for your event to be processed if you plan to serve alcohol, as doing so involves extra departments and considerations that can slow down the process.