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Event Planning Guide


Vendors are third party entities that are not owned or operated by the University of Denver. This can include caterers, performers, and goods or services providers.


As student organizations leaders, you determine the quality of the experience for vendors. Positive, cooperative, and efficient relationships are built on trust and professionalism. When navigating the event planning process, keep your vendors at the forefront of your mind.

In the past, some vendors have complained about untimely payments and unprofessional actions of student groups.  Remember, you’re representing the University of Denver, so be respectful and responsible.

Cancelling your event? You will need to contact every vendor with which you made arrangements. Vendors may apply fees if your notification is submitted late.


A contract is a written agreement between the vendor and the University stating: services to be performed; amount of payment; the date, time, location, and length of service; and any potential risks.

Steps to a Contract:

You need to begin this process at least six weeks before your event.

  1. Reach out to the vendor and discuss materials and prices for the event.
  2. If they have not previously been a vendor for DU, send them to a link to fill out the Vendor ID Form. We suggest following up with your vendor to ensure they have completed the form.
  3. After the form is reviewed by DU, Business Services will contact you to inform you of the Vendor ID Number. At this point, the vendor is now set up as a DU vendor.
  4. Ask the vendor for a contract for your specific event, a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and a W-9.
  5. Submit all three documents, as well as a summary of the event, which must include the event date, time, location and description, to the Office of Student Engagement at least six weeks before the date of the event. Student Engagement will inform you if there are any necessary revisions.
  6. The Office of Student Engagement will then submit the contract for the review process, which can take up to six weeks. They will send you back the contract after it has been approved.
  7. The vendor is now able to provide services at your event. Congratulations!

Note: If you are paying from a non-funded account , skip steps 2 and 3.

If your vendor requests a Purchasing Order (P.O.), we strongly suggest communicating with the Student Comptroller.

Contract Requirements:

  • The contract must use very particular language. The vendor must not refer to the university as DU or The University of Denver, but rather “Colorado Seminary which owns and operates University of Denver.”
  • The University of Denver is a Net 30 institution, which means that vendors will be paid within 30 days of providing services. It is important that you inform your vendor that they will not be paid before the event.
  • A student cannot sign a contract for legal reasons. The only authorized signatures are those of Business Services, Legal Services and Risk Management.

For more information on the contracting process, visit DUPB’s Contracting Guide for Vendors.

Should you have any questions about contracts or other legal matters, contact the Office of Student Engagement.


Looking for information on paying your vendors? Check out the finances page.