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Student Life

Disability Services Program

Instructor teaching outside. Students listen.

How to Administer Accommodations

Students should provide you to with a faculty letter, ideally at the beginning of the quarter, to inform you of their accommodations. Ultimately it is the faculty's responsibility to provide accommodations, however DSP provides many options for facilitating this. Expand the following items for details on how to administer particular accommodations:

DSP Testing Center Resource Guide

To assist faculty in providing approved testing accommodations, the Disability Services Program operates a Testing Center. This resource will provide an overview of processes and general information.

Exam Scheduling

  • Students are expected to schedule their quizzes, tests and/or midterms at least 5 days in advance using ClockWork, an online system. For final exams, students are expected to schedule exams 10 days in advance . Signing up 5 days in advance (10 days for final exams) guarantees the student a spot in our Testing Center.
  • If a student misses the 5 or 10 day deadline, they are required to fill out a Late Exam Request Form (available on our website and in the DSP office). Both the student and professor are required to sign the form before returning form to DSP. We cannot guarantee that late requests will be scheduled, but we will make every effort to accommodate the student.
  • Students cannot be denied accommodations solely because they miss the 5-day deadline (10 days for final exams). If a student cannot be scheduled in the testing center, faculty must make a good faith effort to make alternate arrangements, if at all possible.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Discuss accommodations with student: Discuss the type of exams in your class and which approved accommodations the student will need. Discuss whether you will provide the accommodations in the classroom, or utilize the DSP Testing Center. If a student requests accommodations that are not approved by DSP, please have the student contact DSP.
  • Provide accurate exam dates to student in advance (e.g. pop quizzes, mid-term, final exam).Please inform the student how long the class gets to take an exam.
  • Send exam to DSP: All exams and testing instructions must be sent to the Testing Center via ClockWork or emailed to Send/upload exam as soon as possible.
  • Syllabus Statement: In addition to the disability statement in syllabi, DSP recommends that faculty include statement encouraging students who have approved accommodations through DSP to share with you their faculty letter as soon as possible.
  • Help coordinate scheduling: Typically, students receiving extended time on exams in the DSP Testing Center start their exams at the same time as other students. In cases where extended time might run into another class the student may need to take the exam at an alternate time. DSP requires professor approval to move exams to a day/time that is outside of the student's normal class time.
  • Provide equitable access to information during exam: If students can ask the professor or TA questions during the exam in the classroom, they must have the same access from the testing center. Professors are asked to provide contact information in ClockWork when they submit the exam. If handouts, visual aids, or other information is provided to the class during an exam, it must be provided to students taking the exam in DSP.

Faculty notification of student taking exam in DSP Testing Center

Professors receive automated 4- and 2-day email reminders (8- and 3-day reminders for final exams) informing you the day and time a student has scheduled to take your exam in the DSP Testing Center. Please email if the test date/time is different from what you see in the email. The email also provides the link to upload exam and instructions to ClockWork.


    • Internet Explorer and Firefox are the recommended browsers. You may not be able to preview your uploaded file(s) if you use Chrome.
    • Use your DU ID# and password to log in.
    • Acceptable files for uploading: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx .xlsx, and .zip.
    • Testing Instructions: Provide DSP with the same testing instructions you will give to the class (e.g. closed book/note, open book/note, calculator, laptop, etc.). Additionally, how long the class has to complete their exam and how many pages the exam has.
    • Online exams – For timed online exams, please remember to add extended time for students with accommodations, including those taking the exam at the DSP Testing Center. If a student is beginning the exam earlier than the rest of the class, please make sure they are able to access the exam at their scheduled start time.

Completed Exam Delivery

DSP will attempt to return completed paper exams in sealed envelopes to your department office within one business day. Faculty are also welcome to pick up exams in DSP. If you plan to pick up, please email us to let us know.

Peer Notetaker
  1. Faculty Letter
    Student provides instructor with Faculty Letter indicating a “Peer Note-Taker” accommodation.
  2. Announcement
    Instructor makes an announcement -  without identifying the student  - in class or by email soliciting a note-taker. It is helpful to mention that the note-taker receives a $40 stipend to the DU bookstore.
  3. Introduction
    Once the note-taker has been identified, the instructor introduces the student and the note-taker.
  4. Exchange
    Student and note-taker work together to determine the best way to get notes to the student. Notes can be scanned and emailed (free at library), photocopied (free at DSP), or written on carbon-copy paper (free at DSP). Other methods may also work.
  5. Note-taker Agreement Form
    Student and note-taker must complete a Classroom Note-Taker Agreement and submit this to DSP.
  6. Stipend
    Note-takers receive a $40 stipend to the DU Bookstore loaded onto their Pioneer ID card within two months of submitting a signed Note-taker Agreement (stipends will not be awarded without a signed agreement).

*Due to the scholarship status of the stipend, most athletes are not eligible to receive the stipend. We still welcome their support in note-taking.

Alternate Format Text


Ensure that book lists have been submitted to the DU bookstore by the required deadline. This allows students to search for books and submit requests for alternate formats to DSP.

Canvas Readings

Ensure that all PDFs or other electronic documents are searchable. Scanned image PDFs should be run through optical character recognition software, such as Robobraille. This benefits all students.

Video Captions

All video and audio content made available in the course must be captioned or accompanied by a transcript. For videos that do not currently have captions, submit requests a minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance using the Video Captions Request Form. Consult the Assistive Technology Specialist or Office of Teaching and Learning for more guidance.

Sign Language Interpreters

DSP coordinates the interpreters to be in classrooms. The interpreter's role is to facilitate communication for both the student and instructor. He/she should not be asked to run errands, proctor exams, or discuss the student's personal issues. He/she should not participate in the class in any way independent of the student or express personal opinions. Contact us if you have any questions.

Live Captionist (CART)

DSP coordinates the live stenographers to be in classrooms. The stenographer's role is to facilitate communication for both the student and instructor. He/she should not be asked to caption video content, run errands, proctor exams, or discuss the student's personal issues. He/she should not participate in the class in any way independent of the student or express personal opinions. Contact us if you have any questions.