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Student Life

Disability Services Program

Instructor teaching outside. Students listen.

Faculty & Staff

While DSP approves academic accommodations, faculty are legally responsible for administering the accommodations. Our office is here to help facilitate this process. Students are directed to provide faculty with a letter of accommodation from DSP at the beginning of each quarter, which can serve as a conversation starter for any accommodation needs. Our staff is happy to provide consultation and guidance as needed.

Accommodations Policy

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy outlines requirements, guidelines, and procedures for providing approved accommodations to students, including temporary injury or illness.

Policy Statement:

  1. The University of Denver is committed to providing students with disabilities equal access and participation in academic areas and other programs sponsored by the University as mandated by federal law.  The process for granting qualified students with documented disabilities accommodations to obtain equal access is managed by DSP. Students requesting disability accommodations engage in a collaborative process with DSP staff that includes disclosing the disability(ies) and providing appropriate documentation.
  2. Faculty should only implement accommodations approved by the DSP staff.  The DSP staff will provide students with a Faculty Letter that describes approved classroom accommodations. Students are responsible for providing this letter to faculty prior to needing the accommodation.
  3. Disability and accommodation information should be kept private, and only shared with other University personnel who have a legitimate educational need to know to be in compliance with relevant laws.

Syllabus Statements

DSP recommends that faculty include a disability statement in syllabi. A sample is below and may be modified to suit your style:

The University of Denver is committed to equitable access and inclusion of those with disabilities. Students who have a documented disability (i.e., physical, medical, mental health, learning, etc.) and who want to request accommodations must contact the Disability Services Program (DSP); 303.871.3241; 1999 E. Evans Ave.; 440 Ruffatto Hall. Information is also available online at

Recording Lectures

The Disability Services Program has developed the following Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as an option for faculty who may be concerned about the recording of lectures in the classroom. This understanding will provide context for the faculty member and student if they choose to have their student complete the form. The form can be reached here:

MOU Recording Lectures (Word)

MOU Recording Lectures (PDF)