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Student Life

Disability Services Program

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Alternative Testing

You should provide your faculty letter to your instructors at the beginning of the quarter and communicate about appropriate testing arrangements. Most instructors prefer students to sign up to take exams in the Disability Services Program testing center. However, instructors are welcome to accommodate students if needs can be appropriately met. 

sign up DeadlineS

Students are required to sign up for:

- Quizzes, tests and/or mid-terms five (5) days in advance.

- Final exams ten (10) days in advance.

How to Sign Up for an Exam in DSP

Check your course syllabi for quiz, mid-term, and final exam dates.

    1. Click "Schedule a Test" on the right side of this page
    2. Click "Book a Test"
    3. Weeks 1-10: To schedule an exam during weeks 1-10, click “ Schedule a test, midterm, or quiz
    4. November 19-22, 2016: To schedule a final exam during the University Final Examination period, click “ Schedule a final exam
    5. Complete all 7 steps
    6. Exam is not scheduled until you click "Confirm & Complete".

      If you did not receive a confirmation email, check “My schedule” in ClockWork. The schedule shows which exams have been booked. If your exam is not showing up, please sign up again.

Late Exam sign up Request

If the five (5) or ten (10) day deadline has passed and you need to schedule a test or final exam, please fill out a late exam sign up request form. As soon as you and your professor have signed the form, return form to the DSP office or scan/email to

**DSP cannot guarantee that late requests will be scheduled.  

Where is the testing center?

The DSP Testing Center (room #450-A) is located on the 4th floor of Ruffatto Hall (turn right out of the elevator). 

Important Information

  • Remember to sign up five (5) days or ten (10) days in advance.

  • You are encouraged to schedule all your tests and final exams at the beginning of the quarter based on the dates in your syllabus. It is easier to change a scheduled exam than to handle late requests. If dates change, email us.

  • You are expected to take the exam on the same date and time as the class. For scheduling conflicts, communicate with your instructor. For example, a student with back-to-back classes may be able to begin an exam for the first class early in order to not miss the second class due to extended time. Make this request by email and copy your instructor at as soon as possible  so s/he can give approval by replying to all.

  • After you schedule your quiz, test, or mid-term, you and your instructor will receive automated email reminders four (4) and two (2) days prior to the exam .

  • After you schedule your final exam, you and your instructor will receive automated email reminders eight (8) and three (3) days prior to the exam .