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Student Life

Disability Services Program

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Getting Assessed

If you are in need of new or updated psychological testing or counseling services, several on-campus options include:

The Learning Disabilities Association of America offers guidance on what the LD screening process looks like.

Records from DSP

Please email us to obtain a copy of your DSP records. Records are only kept for 5 years from your last active date at the University. 

Disability and Employment

We encourage students to be familiar with their rights and to be prepared to appropriately advocate for themselves in the workplace. A few helpful resources include:

Student Grievance Policy

Students who have made a disability related request for accommodation or academic adjustment through the Disability Services Program (DSP) at the University of Denver are entitled to a prompt and equitable resolution of their concerns.This process applies to decisions about the denial of or approval of accommodations or academic adjustments for enrolled students working with the DSP. This process is also available to university employees who disagree with an accommodation approved for a student through DSP. If a complainant chooses to initiate the grievance process, they must do so within fifteen (15) business days of the event(s) that prompted the grievance.

DSP Grievance Policy

Please note that this policy applies to requests for accommodation made by students and not requests made by university employees. Employees with concerns about the requests for accommodation should contact the Benefits Program Manager in Human Resources.

While the grievance process is ongoing, all parties are expected to continue with the accommodations process as outlined in the original determination until the process is complete. If the complaint involves charges of unlawful discrimination the student should not engage in this process but instead should report their concerns to the Office of Equal Opportunity at 303.871.7726 or

First Level
  • Complaints should always be resolved at the lowest level possible. Therefore, the complainant should make reasonable efforts to achieve a resolution by discussing the issue with the DSP Accommodations Specialist most familiar with the situation. Often a resolution can be achieved by making an appointment with the DSP staff member and honestly and specifically communicating concerns or frustrations.
Second Level
  • If either the Accommodations Specialist or the complainant feel that a satisfactory resolution has not been achieved they should then make an appointment to discuss the matter with the Assistant Director of the DSP. The complainant should be prepared to share the following with the Assistant Director during the meeting:
    • the nature of the concern,
    • relevant dates,
    • information about attempts to resolve the complaint,
    • outcomes of the attempts to resolve the complaint.
  • If all reasonable efforts to resolve a complaint informally fail, the complainant may file a formal grievance with the Director of the DSP. When the Assistant Director was the initial decision-maker then the complainant should move to the Third Level.
Third Level
  • If a complainant chooses to file a formal grievance with the Director of the DSP (or their designee) it must be filed within five (5) business days of the Level II meeting with the Assistance Director. It must be in writing, signed and dated by the complainant and at a minimum, include the following:
    • a clear description of the issue being grieved,
    • the identity of any party or parties involved in the concern,
    • the specific remedy or remedies requested,
    • information about attempts to resolve the complaint, and
    • outcomes of the attempts to resolve the complaint.
  • In the course of a comprehensive review of information associated with a grievance, the Director of the DSP (or their designee) will need to gather information from relevant university staff and/or faculty. All decisions of the Director of the DSP (or their designee) are final and must be issued in writing in fifteen (15) business days or less of receiving the grievance and shall include all of the following:
    • a copy of the student’s formal grievance,
    • relevant findings of fact,
    • decision, the reasons for the decision reached and the remedy which is either granted or denied and/or any alternative remedies suggested.
    • Should the Director of the DSP fail to issue a timely decision to the complainant’s grievance, the complainant may inform the Vice Chancellor for Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence. The Vice Chancellor (or their designee) shall then assign an appropriate individual to decide the complainant’s grievance at the third level, and that decision shall be final.