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Student Life

Disability Services Program

Ruffatto Hall. 4 story brick building.

Testing Center

Testing Accommodations for Online Exams
Summer 2020

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and need to maintain physical distancing for the safety of our community, the Disability Services Program (DSP) will not be scheduling any in-person exams in the DSP Testing Center until further notice.

The DSP staff is available remotely and we are committed to providing support and resources to both students and faculty to ensure approved testing accommodations are implemented for online exams.

  • For accommodations that may be more challenging to arrange such as scribes, readers, paper exams, please contact DSP and our staff will collaborate with students and instructors to provide options for facilitating testing.
  • For screen reader or text-to-speech (TTS) compatibility information in Canvas and Respondus Lockdown Browser, please visit the Assistive Technology web page.

Our main reception desk remains available virtually. You can reach us by phone 303-871-3241, Monday- Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) or email

The Disability Services Program (DSP) at University of Denver administers accommodated exams, scheduled through ClockWork, to students enrolled with DSP who have provided faculty members with a Letter of Approved Accommodations.

Law Students - Please work with the law school Student Affairs office and law school registrar to coordinate testing accommodations.

DSP Testing Center Location & Contact Information

Testing center hours

  • Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Summer quarter: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Final Exams (designated University of Denver final examination period): 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
    • Fall 2020: December 1 - 4 (online final exams)
    • Winter 2021: March 16-19
    • Spring 2021: June 7-10

testing center policies and procedures

Sign Up Deadlines

Students should schedule all tests/final exams at the beginning of each quarter via ClockWork to avoid missing sign up deadlines.

  • Students must book quizzes, tests, and midterms five (5) calendar days in advance.
  • For final exams that are scheduled during the University final examination period, students must book final exam(s) at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the first day of the University final examination period. Below are the deadlines for 2018-2019:
    • Fall 2019: Friday, November 8
    • Winter 2020: Saturday, March 7
    • Spring 2020: Friday, May 29
  • Summer quarter: Students must book any exam (quiz, test, midterm, final exam) three (3) calendar days in advance.
Arranging Testing Accommodations

At the beginning of each quarter, or as soon as the student has received their Eligibility Letter with approved testing accommodations, the student must:

  • Provide the faculty member a copy of the Letter of Accommodations,
  • Discuss with the faculty member how approved test accommodations will be administered (by instructor, department, or DSP Testing Center).

Note: If the student does not provide the Letter of Accommodations to the faculty member, the faculty member and DSP are not required to provide testing accommodations.

Scheduling Quizzes, Tests, Midterms, and Final Exams
  • All exams must be scheduled through ClockWork prior to the sign up deadlines.
  • Go to
  • In the Quick Links box on the right hand of page, select Schedule a test.
  • Select Book a test.
  • Select either Schedule a test, mid-term, or quiz or Schedule a final exam.
  • Use your DU ID# and password to log into ClockWork.
  • Select Schedule a test, mid-term, or quiz to book any quizzes, tests, or mid-terms the faculty member schedules during weeks 1-10 of the quarter.
  • Select Schedule a final exam to book a final exam the faculty member has scheduled during the University of Denver final examination period.
    • If a faculty member schedules a final exam outside of the University final examination period, the student will select Schedule a test, midterm, or quiz.
  • Fully complete the online test booking form by completing all 7 steps.
  • Exams must be scheduled at the same time the class is scheduled to take the exam. Any alternate test day/time requests will require the instructor to email approval to DSP@DU.EDU prior to the sign up deadline.
    • If the student signs up for a different day/time than the rest of the class and DSP does not receive professor approval prior to the sign up deadline, DSP reserves the right to change the day/time back to the time the rest of the class is scheduled to take the exam.
  • The student should only select the accommodations they plan on using for the test they are booking (e.g. a computer for essay writing most likely will not be needed for a Math test).
  • When the student has successfully completed a test booking, a system generated confirmation email is sent to the student's DU.EDU email address. These emails sometimes end up in spam/junk folders. If you don't receive the email confirmation, the booking has been unsuccessful.
    • Students and instructors will receive email reminders:
      • Test, mid-term, or quiz: four (4) and two (2) days prior to a scheduled test, mid-term, or quiz.
      • Final exam: eight (8) and three (3) days prior to a scheduled final exam.
  • The student can view upcoming tests/final exams they have successfully scheduled through the My Schedule feature in ClockWork.
  • When a student needs to cancel or has instructor approval to reschedule a scheduled exam, they are responsible for emailing DSP@DU.EDU as soon as possible.
Late Sign-Up Process
  • If the student does not schedule their tests/exams prior to the five (5) or ten (10) day in advance deadline, they have the option of submitting a late request form.
    • The date/time of the exam must be at the same time as the rest of the class unless the student has a time conflict with another class.
    • The student must sign the form and seek approval from the instructor, who should sign the form if s/he approves of the late request.
      • DSP must receive email approvals from instructors sent/forwarded to no later than two (2) business days prior to the scheduled exam time.
    • The student can submit completed late request forms scanned or via email to DSP@DU.EDU or in person at the DSP office.
  • DSP cannot guarantee that exams will be scheduled as requested in the late sign-up request. If DSP approves the late request, DSP will send an email confirmation to the student and their instructor. If the student/instructor does not receive a confirmation email, the student must go to the classroom and take the exam with the rest of the class.
  • Students are permitted to submit two (2) late sign ups per quarter. If a student submits a third late sign up form within the same quarter, DSP may require the student to schedule a meeting with a DSP staff member to review the sign-up process. If a student submits a fifth late sign up form in the same quarter, DSP may refer the student to the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities for noncompliance with the DU Honor Code and University policy.
Make-Up Exam Request
  • Non-disability related request: If the student did not originally schedule to take their exam in the Testing Center on the same day as the rest of the class, DSP will adhere to the instructor's course policy and procedures for a make-up exam.
  • Disability related request: If the student has Attendance Modification as an approved accommodation, the student is responsible for communicating with the instructor and DSP to arrange a make-up exam.
Taking an Exam in the DSP Testing Center
  • Arrive on time to the DSP Testing Center.
    • Students may begin their exam no earlier than fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled start time. The end time will be adjusted accordingly.
    • Students who arrive more than fifteen (15) minutes after their scheduled start time will only be permitted to take the test in the DSP Testing Center with the approval of the instructor.
    • If a student does not show for an exam and did not notify DSP, DSP will send a "no-show" email to both the student and instructor. Students are permitted one (1) no-show per quarter. If a student is marked as a no-show for the second time in a quarter, DSP may require the student to schedule a meeting with a DSP staff member to review the testing accommodation process.
  • A DU Pioneer ID card is required when signing in to take an exam.
  • Place all book bags, cell phones, smart watches (Apple, Fitbit, etc.), tablets, earbuds, hats/caps/beanies, purses, coats/jackets, and any unauthorized academic aids in one of the lockers available in the DSP hallway.
  • The student is responsible for bringing all authorized testing materials (calculator, pen/pencil, eraser, blue book, etc.) necessary to complete the exam. This includes bringing a personal laptop when the exam is being administered online. DSP will provide scantrons, School of Accountancy (SOA) approved calculators and scratch paper.
  • For online exams that require software to be downloaded (e.g. Respondus Lockdown Browser) to the student's personal laptop, the software must be downloaded prior to the start time of the exam.
  • Exiting and entering the Testing Center
    • Any student leaving and returning to the testing center during testing will be required to sign out and sign in upon their departure and return.  All testing materials must remain in the Testing Center.  If a student is in a private room, they are required to give their exam to the Test Proctor while not in their assigned private room.  Student cannot access their locker except with proctor approval ater starting testing.
    • Students that exit the Testing Center for any reason during testing will have a note indicating the number and length of times they exited the Testing Center provided to the instructor with the testing materials when they are returned for grading.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the DSP Testing Center with the exception of clear beverages (e.g. water, sprite) in a clear container that has no labels.
  • DSP staff and Test Proctors administer/proctor exams based solely on information provided by instructors, which is reflected on the DSP Exam Ticket attached to top of the exam.
  • When the student's test time is up or a Test Proctor has asked the student to turn in the exam, students are expected to turn in the exam and all scratch paper (used and unused) to the Test Proctor and sign out. The student's test time is located on the DSP Exam Ticket attached to the top of the exam.
    • If a student needs exam answers printed, they are responsible for notifying the Test Proctor.
  • The student is responsible for informing the Test Proctor of any technical issues or exam questions.
  • If a student has a question for their instructor about the exam, DSP will provide the student with a Student/Professor communication sheet. The student will write down their question and DSP will contact the instructor. If the instructor does not reply to an email or call DSP back, the Student/Professor Communication form will be returned with the student's completed exam. The student and instructor are responsible for making arrangements to discuss the question(s).
  • Completed exams are typically returned to instructors in sealed envelopes within one business day.
  • Students are expected to abide by the DU Honor Code.
    • If DSP staff and/or a Test Proctor have witnessed a student violating the DU Honor Code, DSP will stop the exam and collect it to return to the instructor. DSP will report the incident to the instructor and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Electronic/Print Version

The Testing Center Policies and Procedures document is available in PDF and Word format. DSP also has printed copies available in our office.