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Discoveries Orientation


Discoveries Orientation

First Year Students Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register for Discoveries?

A: You are automatically registered for Discoveries Orientation when you register for your FSEM class. You will check-in to Discoveries Orientation when you arrive to campus on Monday, Sept. 3rd.

Q: Do International Students have to attend Discoveries Orientation?

A: Yes, incoming International students do attend Discoveries Orientation, however students must attend an orientation hosted by International Student and Scholar Services at DU. Please visit the ISSS website for more information.

Q: When will I find out the schedule for Discoveries Week?

A: An online version of the schedule usually becomes available on the Discoveries website in late July. The most important thing for you to know is that you will be busy that week, and should not plan any outside events or activities.

Q: What will I do in my Discoveries group?

A: You will attend sessions covering topics such as academic advising, health and wellness, and campus life, and register for your fall courses with your Discoveries Orientation group. You will also spend social time with your group and attend evening activities that will help you get to know your fellow classmates and begin to build your DU community.

Q: How do I register for my First-Year Seminar?

A: Please follow the instructions in on the First-Year Seminar website.

For the 2017-2018 school year, registration opens on Monday, June 11 8:00am MDT to Friday, June 22, 11:59pm MDT.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis. There are no waitlists for FSEM classes, so once a class is full you must choose another class. We recommend registering close to the opening date in order to maximize your options. If you have difficulty registering, please contact the Orientation Office at 303.871.3860 or

Q: How should I choose my First-Year Seminar?

A: Read through the course descriptions online and choose several First-Year Seminars that sound interesting to you. It is not necessary to choose a course related to your major and it will be helpful to have at least 10 options ready before logging on to register. Before you go online to register, be sure to check Course Conflicts with Majors and Living Learning Communities (LLCs) to make sure the First-Year Seminar you are interested in does not conflict with any required courses. 

Q: What if my first choice for my First-Year Seminar is closed?

A: Choose a different First-Year Seminar! With 80+ First-Year Seminar offerings where faculty are teaching their passions, there are many excellent choices. These courses are capped firmly at 18 students to provide the opportunity for good interaction with peers and faculty and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no waiting lists.

Q: What's the difference between my Faculty Mentor and my Staff Academic Advisor?

A:  At the University of Denver, undergraduate students have an academic advising network that includes support from their faculty mentor, staff academic advisor, and major faculty advisor.  Incoming students are assigned both a faculty mentor and staff academic advisor. First Year Seminar instructors serve as faculty mentors and primary support for first-year students in their academic transition into the University. Staff Academic Advisors work with students on degree planning outside of their academic field and understanding university policies.  Staff Academic Advisors also support student development through strength –based skill-building including understanding who they are as learners, goal setting, time management and organizational skills.  In their second year through graduation, students meet with their assigned major faculty advisor.  Major faculty advisors assist students in understanding the curriculum and research opportunities in their selected fields.

Q: When will I register for my fall quarter classes and how will I know what to sign up for?

A: Incoming students will register for classes on the Wednesday of Discoveries week.  Faculty members from various departments, academic advisors, and your Orientation Leader will also be available to assist you on registration day.

Q: What if I'm undecided about a major?

A: You are in good company! Many students enter DU as "undeclared" students. You'll have ample time to explore a number of different majors in your first year. The majority of your courses in your first year will be fulfilling Common Curriculum, which apply to all students regardless of major. You may want to seek out additional help in deciding on a major by talking to faculty members in various departments and by completing personality and interest inventories at DU's Career Services during your first year.

Q: When will I find out about my roommate and housing assignment?

A: Beginning mid-July, if you have applied for on-campus housing, you may access your PioneerWeb to view your roommate and housing assignment. Please see the Housing and Residential Education website for additional information about living on campus.

Q: When do I arrive on campus?

A: Monday, September 3rd, 2018 is when students move into their residence halls. Move-in begins at 8am, and the Housing and Residential Education Office will assign you a specific move-in time based on your room number. Commuter students should check-in to Discoveries Orientation on Monday too, but don't have to do so until later in the day. 

Q: When do classes start?

A: Classes begin Monday, September 10th, 2018.

Q: When do I buy my books?

A: After you register and know your courses, you can go to the DU Bookstore, or purchase books through other vendors around town or online. Your Orientation Leader will guide you to the DU bookstore after you complete your class registration on Thursday of Discoveries Week.

Q: I'm bringing a car to school. Where can I park?

A: Limited parking is available on campus. Please see the Parking and Transportation website for additional information about parking options and costs.

Q: I know DU is a laptop campus. What kind of computer should I get?

A: DU supports both Apple and PC platforms and part of Discoveries includes configuring your laptop to the DU system. For more on laptops, please see the Laptop Requirements website.

Q: I have a documented disability. What support is available at DU?

A: Accommodations and support are available through the University’s Disability Services Program

Q: When will I know what my DU email is?

A: Shortly after you deposit you will receive information about your DU email account. Your email will be in a format.

Q: What is needed for proof of immunization and where do I need to turn that in?

A: Colorado law and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment regulations require that all college and university students physically present on campus and enrolled for one or more classes submit proof of immunization. For details of what is required and how to submit your information, please see information on DU's Health and Counseling Center website.

Q: I know DU requires students to have Health Insurance. What are my options?

A: All students enrolled for one or more hours of graded credit at the University of Denver are required to carry adequate health insurance coverage. Students are required to participate in the DU Student Health Insurance Plan or provide proof of other adequate health insurance coverage. For details on plans offered by DU as well as how to provide proof of your own carrier, please see information on DU's Health and Counseling Center website.

Q: I have been awarded a grant/loan/scholarship. When will I receive that money?

A: Disbursement of financial aid is dependent on a variety of factors. For the most accurate information based on your situation, please review the information on the Office of Financial Aid’s website, and contact them directly