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Welcome to the University of Denver! If you have submitted your deposit, the next step is to attend Discoveries Orientation, a requirement for all new students. There are two options to attend orientation. Neither date has a registration advantage.  *Please note: New students may not make an appointment with an academic advisor prior to orientation. 


Registration to attend the January 2nd orientation is now closed.  

If you are planning on attending DU this winter quarter and have not signed up for orientation, you must contact Kara Zwieg (, 303-871-3262) at your earliest convenience.  


Friday, January 2nd, 9:00am-3:30pm**

(Parent and Family Program Available - 9:00am-3:300pm**)
**A tentative schedule along with location will be provided at a later date.

During Orientation, you will:

  • Register for winter classes with an academic advisor.
  • Learn about the Common Curriculum requirements.
  • Meet new people!
  • Get to know more about the DU campus and resources available to students.

Please plan to arrive promptly and bring the following:

  • Laptop – You will need a laptop to look up your courses, degree plans, etc.
  • Course Descriptions/ syllabi for courses you plan to transfer into DU.  
    • It's possible that not all transfer credits have been processed and it's essential to have these documents to best advise you.

New Student To-Do List

  • Arrange Housing - If you are living on campus, new students may move-in on January 2nd, 2014.
  • Send Final Transcripts - Request to have your final high school and college transcripts sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission as soon as possible. If you have questions about how courses transfer into DU, it will be helpful if you can bring copies of official course descriptions to orientation. These must be printed or copied from the institution's course catalog, either hard copy or online. 
  • Accept or Waive Health Insurance - DU requires that all students have coverage. Please determine if you need coverage from the University or are able to waive this service due to coverage through your own policy.
  • Take the Know the Code Quiz- Honor Yourself, Honor the Code. Curious about "the rules" at DU? Make sure you Know the Code and go to and click on the "Know the Code" icon.  This contains important information that you'll want to know as a DU student. Scroll through the slide show and then show that you Know the Code by taking a brief online quiz.
  • Configure Your Laptop - Computers must be configured to the DU system to comply with security requirements and gain access to the wireless network. For instructions, visit
  • Get a Parking Permit - If you are bringing a car to campus for the quarter, you will need a permit from Parking Services.
  • Take the Language Placement Exam - All incoming students taking Spanish, French, German, or Italian are required to take this exam online. Students planning to take Chinese, Latin, or Russian may download a paper exam and send it in. Students planning to take a language other than those previously listed should contact the Center for World Languages and Culture.
  • Arrange Accommodations- If you have a disability and need accommodations, please visit for an intake form, documentation guidelines, and contact information.
  • Learning Effectiveness Program - If you have a learning disability and/or ADHD and would like information about a fee based academic support program here at DU please visit