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Student Life

William T. Driscoll Student Center

Free Speech Wall Love

William T Driscoll Student Center


The Driscoll Student Center is a community space that strives to promote University of Denver values of diversity and inclusive excellence. As such, we encourage all members of the DU community to engage with your fellow Pioneers and use Driscoll numerous spaces and resources to celebrate, educate, and inform the campus community.

We encourage you to:

  • Consider what you’re sharing and how it furthers learning and community for all.
  • Take ownership of your statements by including your name or the name of the group / student organization you represent.
  • Be respectful of other community members and differing identities as you engage with the community as a whole.

As a reminder, the Honor Code covers all DU affiliate behavior, including your use of this community space.

DU Driscoll Wall

The wall on the East side of Driscoll North is a free speech wall for use by the entire DU community. The Driscoll Wall is repainted every Thursday to ensure that all members of the diverse DU community have the chance to express themselves and engage with others.

Please see the DU Driscoll Wall policy for more information.

Demonstrations at DU

The University of Denver is dedicated to fostering a campus culture of inclusivity and diversity. Many community members may want to engage in demonstrations or protests in an effort to inform their community about upcoming events or current issues, and as such DU has compiled a set of guidelines and recommended procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all DU community members. If you are planning a demonstration of any kind, please review the DU Campus Demonstration Policy.