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Advisor's Corner

The Office of Student Engagement would like to thank our advisors for all that you do for our
150+ student organizations at the University of Denver! We appreciate your guidance,
support and dedication to our students and their success.


Each student organization is required by the Undergraduate Student Government and the
Office of Student Engagement to have a faculty or staff advisor. Each advisor’s role will differ
based on the organization’s expectations, organizational needs, and personal interests. The
Office of Student Engagement is here to help you understand your role as an advisor and
work with you to provide the best experience to our student leaders. If you would like to set
up a meeting with our office please contact Kelly Bitner ( )


Advisor resources are housed in the Advisor’s Corner on the Office of Student Engagement’s
OrgSync page. Here you can find information on advisor roles, advising do’s and don’ts, the
benefits of advising, advising styles and skills. You will also find information on campuswide
policies and procedures that may effect student orgs as well as event planning guides to
assist student organizations in navigating this process at DU.