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Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence

Student Life: Get Involved!

Inclusion and Equity work on campus is led by three primary offices; staff and faculty especially, check details.

We're Hiring!

We are now taking applications for our two DU DialogUes Graduate Coordinators for the 2020-21 academic year. Full details and instructions in PDF posting. Review is underway; applications taken until positions hired and notice posted here.


We're again partnering with Communication Studies on two sections of the for-credit Identities in Dialogue (COMN2000) courses, Mon/Wed and Tue/Thurs 12-1.50pm. Now also can be counted at as elective toward Intercultural Global Studies minor! PDF flyer

Of note, one of our DU DialogUes partners is teaching a spring, short-term, graduate course on Restorative Justice (CRES4400). PDF flyer and/or contact [email protected] for more info.


Having a demographically diverse campus community is educationally important (cf. Gurin for University of Michigan), and continues to be the focus of much quality scholarship and programming in US higher education, with similar applications in the workplace, marketplace, and civic involvement (eg, the legal professions [PDF]). Such compositional diversity, including a wide diversity of identities, is a necessary, but insufficient, element of Inclusive Excellence.

Using the oft-cited food metaphor, it is not enough, however, simply to have a number of individual ingredients present in the kitchen; they must also come together for their still-distinct colors, textures and flavors to create an engaging and nourishing dish. Having diverse individuals learning, living and working on campus is little more than cosmetic, if they do not interact across identities, or if their interaction is infrequent, superficial, or outright negative.

Therefore at DU, IEE programs and services provide students with information, skills, and opportunities for engaging constructively across difference.


Event Co/Sponsorship (click for more info)

While most of our time and budgets are already committed each year to in-house projects, we sometimes co/sponsor and/or collaborate on special events that actively bring together our diverse communities, to engage intentionally and constructively across differences.

Check our online calendar (top right column on this page) for past and any upcoming examples; and email [email protected] well in advance, with your ideas and available details. (Click here for PDF info sheet regarding +Dialogue events.)

Please note: Simply inviting a variety of communities to attend an event (hoping for presence) is not our goal. We seek to create and support programs where active and intentional intergroup interaction (e.g., meaningful discussion) is a structured part of the event process, not simply with diversity in the audience or as a subject matter.

Past events have included: