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Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence

Student Life: Get Involved!

Diversity, inclusion and equity work on campus is led by three primary offices; staff and faculty especially, check details.

The latest

CONGRATULATIONS to all our graduating students! (We DU, and you did!)

Stay tuned for summer workshops and other opportunities, and plans for the 2021-22 school year.

Check out Having Difficult Conversations (NEW): a growing resource site for engaging constructively in hard discussions (topical) and dialogues (relational)


Students seeking campus employment should check with their academic programs, the DU public job board (, via Student Employment, and/or Career@DU for opportunities.


Event Co/Sponsorship (click for more info)

While most of our time and budgets are already committed each year to in-house projects, we sometimes co/sponsor and/or collaborate on special events that actively bring together our diverse communities, to engage intentionally and constructively across differences.

Check our online calendar (top right column on this page) for past and any upcoming examples; and email well in advance, with your ideas and available details. (Click here for PDF info sheet regarding +Dialogue events.)

Please note: Simply inviting a variety of communities to attend an event (hoping for presence) is not our goal. We seek to create and support programs where active and intentional intergroup interaction (e.g., meaningful discussion) is a structured part of the event process, not simply with diversity in the audience or as a subject matter.

Past events have included:

some past online collaborations you can still check out: