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DU DialogUes Retreat

group photo of 2019 retreat participants holding a DU DialogUes banner

Elevate your altitude, understanding, community!

This FREE, 4-day, intensive experience focuses on building community, learning dialogue skills, and exploring issues of identity and equity.

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited, with student peers serving as retreat facilitators in concert with IEE staff.

When? Stay tuned for future retreat details!

For 2020, we departed Friday afternoon, January 17th ~3pm, for Estes Park, and returned to campus on Monday, January 20th by ~1pm.

For liability, learning development, and community-building reasons, we are not able to allow self-transport or late arrivals/early departures; retreat participation is all-or-nothing.

How much? All transportation, meals, shared room housing, and materials are provided to accepted students at no cost.

Housing FYI: Participants will be in shared rooms (4 people each), with shared beds (2 to a bed) and a private bathroom, for the weekend. Recognizing and respecting diverse interest, privacy, modesty and security needs, we are planning both same- and mixed-gender rooms, with same-gender rooms being our default placement. Our options include an ADA Accessible room, if needed.

After? With a focus on sustained dialogue, retreat participants are expected to continue to meet after the Retreat as well, in small groups through winter, and perhaps spring quarters. Groups will work out their own schedules for post-retreat gatherings; but we want everyone to understand that the retreat is a beginning...

To apply

The online participant application is now CLOSED. Participants have been sent several emails with details and packing/travel instructions.

Staff are selected from those who have completed both our overall dialogue and retreat-specific facilitator trainings.