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Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence

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We are working to expand the number and variety of online resources available online, to help you connect with information, organizations and opportunities to broaden and deepen their experience in sharing across our similarities and differences.

We welcome your constructive feedback on and suggestions for resources:

DU Events & Opportunities

DEI Information

Noted items are provided as PDF documents unless otherwise noted; download Reader for free.

Knowledge Nuggets (PDF)
Bulletin Boards in a Bag (BBB) (PDF)

We're revamping our BBB series, with all new history/ heritage month Boards, which share both celebrations of and challenges faced by communities. We'll also be adding new Boards on additional issues, identities, and current events.

These PDF packets are starter material for posting in your residence hall, classroom, or office, to provide educational insights and conversation starters. Details and usage suggestions are contained in each.

  • Elections Overview 2020
  • Congrats grads/Summer plans (Jun+) 2019
  • Asian Pacific Heritage Month (May) 2019
  • Disability Awareness (Apr) 2019
  • Spring holidays & observances (Apr) 2019
  • Women's History Month (Mar) 2019
  • Black History Month (Feb) 2019
  • Fall/Winter holidays around the world (Dec-Jan)
  • Religious Awareness Week/Month (Nov)
  • Native History Month (Nov)
  • LGBTQ History Month (Oct)
  • Latinx Heritage Month (Sept-Oct) 2018
  • Privilege
  • Microaggressions

Campus offices

Suggest or request campus information you think would be helpful to have here.