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WORC (Whites Organizing for Racial Consciousness) is a campus network who holds space for DU community members to support racial justice and the responsibility white people have in building a more just and fair community in solidarity with people of color. (Any discussion of identity is intersectional; however, the focus of this group is to discuss racial identity.)

Participants are determined to "do the WORC" within our own campus to make our larger community fair, just, and safe. WORC is designed to encourage reflection, including receiving and offering critical feedback.

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Monthly, usually midday, meetings focus on readings selected to advance white identity consciousness and criticality, with discussion of and engagement in action steps to deconstruct and dismantle white supremacy. It is integral that folks who participate in WORC have a genuine curiosity and interest in learning about and dismantling white supremacy.

Upcoming meetings

For the remainder of the academic year, we'll gather 12-1.30pm on the following dates:

Wed. 1/27
Wed. 2/24
Wed. 3/17
Wed. 4/28
Wed. 5/26
Wed. 6/23

For online access and other meeting details, join the e-list above or email us.


These admittedly agenda-d resources are offered to encourage participants to educate themselves and their actions, not necessarily as an endorsement of providers or specific content.


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