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Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence

Student Life: Get Involved!

NOTE: Our area began a re-organization and expansion during the 2016-17 school year.

As part of larger changes to Inclusive Excellence work at DU, Inclusion & Equity Education (IEE) has separated from The Cultural Center (was Center for Multicultural Excellence); and are now our own program area within the larger Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence (nee Student Life) division.

Our program focus is on improving student impact around IE, offering services to students directly, and to organizations and staff/offices that work with them.

New branding, online presence, and updated programs and services are underway.

In the meanwhile, please note the following changes to IE support, based on campus affiliation:

Quick summary of some campus IE-related Who Does What (PDF)




For info on IEE programs and services, return to our homepage.