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Inclusion & Equity Education

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As part of our mission to engage and support the embedding of Inclusive Excellence practices throughout the University, IEE offers a variety of prepared and custom designed workshops and consultations, in addition to other ongoing programs.

Below are a brief list of possible topics/approaches, with which we begin conversations about possible presentations. For by-request sessions, please provide as much advance notice as possible, ideally at least two weeks out (so we can develop agendas, schedule facilitators, prepare materials, etc).

OPEN Workshops

We offer public sessions for our workshops each term, offered at varied schedules to engage a range of availability. Check the calendar in upper-right corner of our homepage for upcoming sessions.

We have completed our spring sessions; and will post summer details soon.

Prepared workshops

We currently offer the following workshops, available on request for groups or with open enrollment as indicated:

  • Queer & Ally (Q&A) Trainings : These 2-hour workshops are offered each term as open-to-individuals (public) sessions, and can be requested for offices, classes and organizations.
  • Introduction to Inclusive Excellence: This 2-hour session introduces groups to the IE framework, its relation to University mission and values, and supports their connecting IE to their role and activities on campus. Longer sessions provide more time to develop specific work/role action plans.
  • Responding to Microaggressions: An introduction to what constitutes, and how to respond to, everyday microaggressions. 2-hour session, including group work on practicing response options.
  • Intro to Dialogue Skills: This 2-hour workshop introduces the concept of "dialogue" as distinct from other, more common forms of interaction, and gives participants opportunities to practice the skills needed to make dialoguing across difference successful. Participants will engage in listening and questioning activities that challenge them to effectively share their own experiences while being meaningfully impacted by the lived experiences of others.

Employees can also consider relevant in-person and online sessions/ courses from DU Human Resources. Faculty can also draw on resources from OTL and ODI.

If you are interested in our prepared workshops, please fill out a request form by clicking here.

Custom workshops

We can also work with you to adapt existing or create entirely new workshops whose content and schedule best meet the needs of your unit or organization. Please review our Collaborative Workshop page for details and to submit your request.


In some cases, individuals or units/organizations can benefit from a conversation instead of or in addition to a workshop. Our staff is happy to meet in person or speak by phone/email, to discuss specific situations or general approaches for greater inclusion. We can connect you to useful on- or off-campus resources, consider whether/ what trainings might be effective, suggest possible proactive/ reactive steps, and more. Contact us at with questions.

Faculty can also draw on the Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL) and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI); and all employees on Human Resources.