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Choose Your Own ADDventure


Choose Your Own ADDVenture Brain

10th Annual Conference

Event Details for April 24, 2021 

1st Ever Virtual Choose Your Own ADDventure

Given the situation surrounding the COVID 19 global pandemic I'm going to move the conference to a virtual format.

Looking forward, I will be designing the conference using this webpage as our main launching point.  

Since 2009, LEP has partnered with other DU departments as well as community resources to host "Choose Your Own ADDventure" for LD/ADHD families and professionals. It's a FREE, all-day conference that explores and increases the understanding of the many nuances of ADHD and LD.

Due to unique virtual formatting and high demand, and in order to provide opportunity for attendance, please ensure you will attend this FREE event prior to registration.


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Conference Details & Keynote and Breakout schedules
  • Virtual Conference Presentations ...
  • 9:00 am - 9:15 Welcome
  • 9:15 am - 10:00 Keynote
  • 10:00 am - 11:00 Breakout 1 with Q & A time.
  • 11:00 am - 11:15 Break
  • 11:15 am - 12:15 Breakout 2 with Q & A time.
  • 12:15 - 12:30.     Closing Remarks
  • Cost: FREE to attend, but must RSVP as space is limited.
  • University of Denver Virtual Platform
  • Parking in the waiting room ZOOM
  • See below for links related to individual breakout sessions.
2021 ...  Current Speakers ... Registration Closing Soon!!
Photo of David Flink
Joing us as our Keynote...

From GQ's 2015 Gentleman's Fund Award recipient to CNN Hero, seems like there's nothing he can't do.  

David Flink joins us for the 1st Virtual and 10th (ish) Choose Your Own ADDventure Conference.  

David has been a tireless advocate for those of us with Learning Differences since before we were watching John Stewart's Daily Show on the couch discussing educational reform.  

He continues to share his passion and vision for moving the 1 in 5 of us who learn differently from hidden to seen through his advocacy, outreach, and mentorship.  

I am extremely pleased to welcome him back to his "second home at DU" as our keynote for this year.

I honestly could not have asked for a better friend or human to speak as we continue to navigate what has been an incredibly challenging year for many of our students.  

We are truly looking forward to what will certainly be a unique ADDventure this season as we host our first virtual event, with more likely to come in the future.  

Thanks to everyone for the ongoing support, see you on TV in April!


      "Is College on the Horizon?  
      What can you do to get a leg up?"Roxanne Turner, ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Freshman year of college is an exciting new chapter in a young person's life, but it's not high school anymore. College comes with greater expectations, distractions, and the skill of demonstrating resourcefulness and resilience. Incoming students must know who they are and their learning style to find the available resources and tools to maximize their college experience. This discussion will cover strategies and lessons learned from college students to give your high schooler a leg up. For instance:


  • It's the little things that can make the difference.
  • The environment, is it working for you or against you?
  • Leveraging the resources available to you - When to ask for help? Where and how to ask for help?


The summer is an excellent opportunity to build on these tips so that your student feels confident about their freshman year and has the necessary skills and strategies to meet the new and exciting college expectations. 


Roxanne is a Board Certified Coach with extensive training in executive function challenges, ADHD, and the science of getting things done. Roxanne applies an outside of the box approach in her work with individuals' strengths, processes, and learning styles. Rich with ADD-specific coaching strategies, Roxanne brings a delightful and unique combination of humor-with-structure to her work, much of which she drew from her earlier careers in both corporate and equestrian worlds.

Roxanne Turner, ADHD & Executive Function Coach  

Cyle Feingold, Results Learning
"Unlock Your Childs Executive Functioning Skills"

Presenters:  Tammy English and Cyle Feingold

Results Learning

Summary: You have a complicated child and parenting them is not easy! In this session, you will learn how to set realistic expectations and meet your child where they are. You will leave this session with a better understanding of how your ADHD child is wired and strategies to engage your child in developing tools to support executive functioning.

Philippe Ernewein, MA       "What Diverse Learners Are Teaching Us."

Phi lippe Ernewein, MA, Director of Education, Denver Academy.                    With Students from Denver Academy

Everyone has a story of learning. For those amazing, creative & inquisitive                                                                                             students with diverse learning profiles, it is critical that they own and author their own story of learning. This session features the voices and insights from a group of middle and high school students from Denver Academy. Incorporating both online and offline strategies and tools, these students will highlight specific examples that have supported their own learning, motivation, and advocacy. In short, strategies, advocacy & story = taking charge of your own learning.



Session Title - Can We Talk?Talking Blurbs

Meet our amazing panel: Chavari, Aya, Ryan, Katie, Kayden and Henri

These amazing students are excited to share with you the gifts and challenges of dealing with dyslexia and ADHD.  Each has had an amazing journey and whether they are conquering the Nijah world as the ChatterBox Ninja, heading towards the Olympics for tennis or planning for college their stories are inspiring, honest and will make you want to cry and cheer.  We look forward to seeing you at the ADDventure this year.
Moderator - Elenn Steinberg
Understanding the nuances of Psychopharmacology in ADHD.   Clear Brain

David Kern, M.D.


Discussion on the concept that ‘one size does not fit all’ with regard to medication for ADHD. Differences among individuals, molecular structure of different medications, and differences between immediate-release vs. long-acting medication are some of the  variables taken into consideration when deciding the best choice of medication(s), optimal dose and timing of med administration.  


                                   "Understanding and Supporting a (seemingly) Low Frustration Tolerance in students with ADHD" Donovan Richardson, M.Ed.

  T. Donovan Richardson, M.Ed .

  Behavioral Health Therapist

  Donovan is a native of Baltimore, MD and currently resides and works in        Philadelphia, PA . Donovan spends his professional practice between community mental health agencies and  schools , and the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. Donovan completed his Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from Temple University and is completing his Doctor of Philosophy in School Psychology at Temple University

 Donovan will facilitate a  dynamic ~60 minute session on Understanding a Supporting a (seemingly) Low Frustration Tolerance in students with ADHD. The parents and teachers who attend this session are in for an engaging and helpful  session.

Captain Donald Maloy  "Tools For Success: Thoughts From a Green Beret."

  Donald Maloy, MA, LPC, LAC   &   Erik Larson, FPMHNP



Captain Donald Maloy has received three Bronze Stars, a Unit Valorous Medal, and several duty awards for his service in the Army. Over the course of two years in the Infantry and eight years in Special Forces Captain Maloy has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan serving over 32 months in a combat environment. During Captain Maloy’s career he has struggled with an LD but was able to maintain his competitive nature with the help of personal commitment, and empathy. Captain Maloy explains his strategy   toward maintaining positive self image and self esteem while in adverse conditions.

Erik Larson  is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and former Army Medical Department Officer. During his three years in the Army, Captain Larson spent fifteen months as the Psychiatric Prescriber for the Special Operations Forces Embedded Behavioral Health Clinic at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, as well as six months as the Psychiatric Prescriber for the Behavioral Health Clinic for the Defense Language Institute, at the Presidio of Monterey, California. During this time, he worked with service members from all branches of the military’s Special Operations and Intelligence community, as well as soldiers with a wide variety of occupations in the Army.

Nathaniel Ellison       "Is 'Focus' actually a Proxy of  Success, 
      The Realities and Strengths of ADHD."


The common wisdom that if we just focus, or apply ourselves is addressed in this interactive forum designed to reframe ADHD. The ability to recognize our skillsets and optimize strategies appropriate to each person with ADHD is what allows the opportunity    to access success.

In this interactive session we will look at the strengths of ADHD and work to enhance our understanding of 'focus' to provide a template for positive experiences for future success.            Nathaniel Ellison, MA

Christina Crow, Executive Functioning Specialist



The Neuroscience and Neurodiversity of ADHD

Exploring the Dichotomy Between Diversity and Disability

Christina Crow, Executive Functioning Specialist

Remind Brain Training



Whether through standardized testing or a diagnosis of diverse “disabilities” we consistently compare ourselves to what we consider to be average, normal, or typical. However, does the prototypical “normal” person really exist; and is it even advantageous to pursue this convention/similarity? Contrary to this view, the scientific perspective highlights the importance of all diversity for biological sustainability, advancement and growth.  

During this session we will explore the dichotomy between diversity and disability by outlining the neurological differences associated with ADD and ADHD, the research-based best practices to support these differences, and the empirical evidence that suggests this type of diversity drives the evolution of the nervous system. Join us as we shift the paradigm regarding the mind and it’s possibilities.

Christina Crow is an Executive Functioning Coach, as well as, the founder and CEO of ReMind Brain Training. Christina specializes in executive functioning, brain development, learning differences, disabilities, types of neurodiversity, and the utilization of research-based strategies to intentionally target and effectively enhance individual neurological development. Through her work with ReMind Brain Training, Christina provides executive functioning coaching and consulting services for students, families, educators, and professionals of all ages. Assisting individuals in better understanding their own strengths, challenges, purpose, and potential while gaining the functional skills to achieve personal success.
Craig Knippenberg

Craig Knippenberg LCSW, M.Div.
Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley, & Associates

"Legit Parenting: Strategies for Actual (Imperfect) Parents to Build Resilient Kids and Families"
An Interactive Presentation with:
Presented by Craig Knippenberg, LCSW, M.Div.

Come and enjoy an evening zoom session with best-selling author, St. Anne’s Episcopal School consultant and family therapist Craig A. Knippenberg, LCSW, M.Div. This year, Craig will be talking about 10 tips for building resilient families to take you through good times and bad. Sign on, relax, and learn how to let go of your parental guilt while you strengthen your family.






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