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Learning Effectiveness Program

JETT Welcome Experience

Journey to Empowerment Through Transition

The Journey to Empowerment Through Transition (JETT) Experience
A comprehensive transition experience for students enrolled in the Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) that provides them with the "skills for navigating change."

JETT Weekend 

Prepare for takeoff!

Join us for an interactive weekend that provides LEP students the opportunity to move into their residence halls early, offers them the chance to meet and connect with one another, and allows them to explore resources throughout the DU campus.

JETT Weekend programming includes:

  • An introduction to the DU community and the LEP prior to Orientation
  • A comprehensive overview of academic and social resources
  • An opportunity to meet other LEP students and staff members
  • 3 days of workshops, recreational activities, and fun!

Space is limited. Students must be enrolled in LEP to participate.

Sign up for free by 5:00 pm on Thursday, August 1, 2019. 

For more information, call 303-871-2372 

To reserve your spot in the Fall 2019 Weekend, please email [email protected] with your students name and pioneer ID number.