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Learning Effectiveness Program

JETT Welcome Experience

About the Program

JETT is grounded on providing experiences, resources, relationships, and knowledge that internalize student's beliefs that they possess the power to affect change in their lives through their efforts and actions.

JETT Fundamentals

Engages students through:

  • Orientation, acclimation, affiliation, and assimilation into the college campus environment;

  • The academic, social, psychological, and developmental tasks involved with the college experience;

  • Providing students with resources and support as they navigate challenges associated with moving beyond college and into the world of work, careers, graduate level coursework, or other fulfilling endeavors.


"It was a perfect transition into college and helped me not get overwhelmed by orientation week and classes. It helped me make friends and learn the campus and more about DU." -JETT 2019 Student


"We are so pleased with our daughter's choice in DU and LEP. This JETT weekend is the exact launch she needed to get her feet wet and meet others, learn extensively about LEP and settle into the campus. Thank you so much for your giving natures, the leaders who dedicated so much time to this weekend and for your sincerity in leading with heart. We are so pleased that WE, as parents, get to spend time here at DU over the next four years." -JETT 2019 Parent