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Learning Effectiveness Program

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About the Program

JETT is grounded on providing experiences, resources, relationships, and knowledge that internalize student's beliefs that they possess the power to affect change in their lives through their efforts and actions.

Program Fundamentals

Engages students through:

  • Orientation, acclimation, affiliation, and assimilation into the college campus environment;

  • The academic, social, psychological, and developmental tasks involved with each year and phase of college experience;

  • Providing students with resources and support as they navigate challenges associated with moving beyond college and into the world of work, careers, graduate level coursework, or other fulfilling endeavors.

resources include:

  • Cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal curriculum embedded throughout college;

  • JETT Orientation Weekend – A weekend program (takes place before DU orientation) that allows students to move into the residence halls early, introduces students to one another as well as the resources available through- out the DU campus;

  • The JETT Peer Mentoring program (Coming Winter 2017) – A network for students to build relationships and learn from more experienced peers;

  • The JETT Parent Network (Coming 2017)– A support system that provides guidance on how to effectively launch their students' new college journey;

  • The JETT Alumni Network (Coming 2017) – A network for current and past students to connect and support one another;

  • JETT Dashboard (Coming 2017) – A one stop shop of illustrated videos and information related to all things college.