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Learning Effectiveness Program

Visit and Apply

Visit & Apply

Throughout the year the Learning Effectiveness Program welcomes prospective students and families to visit and learn more about our services. We recommend you add LEP to your campus visit itinerary so you can learn more about how our program helps University of Denver students achieve academic success. All in-person visits are scheduled through the Office of Admissions.


The LEP application process is entirely separate from the DU admissions process. However, we encourage students to submit their LEP information at the same time they apply to the University.  Learn more about applying to LEP.

For priority consideration, apply to the LEP by July 1st. Students who apply after July 1st may be placed on a waitlist.

Students interested in the LEP must apply and enroll by the first day of classes each quarter.


2021-2022 LEP Scholarship Application Questions

(please click the link on the right hand of this page to complete the LEP Scholarship Application)

1. Student's First Name
2. Student's Last Name
3. DU 87 Number
4. Student's Preferred Email Address
5. Student's Preferred Phone Number
6. (Optional) If currently enrolled in the LEP, who is your Academic Counselor?
7. College Standing in Fall 2021: First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year, Fifth Year, Graduate Student, Other
8. Did your parent(s) or guardian(s) complete a bachelor's degree in the United States?
9. Pending DU's approval to allow study abroad, do you plan to study abroad during the 2021-2022 academic year?
9A. (Optional): if yes, what quarter will you study abroad in 2021-2022?

Please provide answers to the following questions in one or two paragraphs.

10. What services in LEP do you believe will be (or have been) most helpful to you, and why?
11. What are your educational goals for 2021-2022? (Ex. a goal GPA, becoming involved in organizations or activities, engaging more with your professors, etc.)
12. Please share your financial needs and how this scholarship will help you meet your needs.
13. Please share an achievement that you have had and why it was important to you.

Support LEP Scholarships

All LEP scholarships are funded by donations from alumni, parents of LEP students, and members of the DU community. You can help neurodiverse DU students by giving to LEP.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Search for other scholarship opportunities using the Office of Financial Aid scholarship search. Be sure to follow up with the organization directly for details about deadlines and eligibility criteria.