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Student Life

Parent & Family Engagement

Parent & Family Engagement

Parent and Family Engagement is committed to educate and engage families in becoming informed partners to support student learning, development, and success at the University of Denver. 

We consider you to be essential partners in student success and University development and we recognize that the word "parent" includes many identities - that the parents who support our students could include first generation parents, grandparents, extended family, partners and friends.

We believe that by building strong relationships with parents and families, being intentional about valuing the diverse views of parents and families, and providing resources designed to meet your needs, we show parents and family members that DU is their community as well.

We support family engagement with programming that brings parents and families into a positive partnership with the University so we can all support student educational success and persistence to graduation.

Families are encouraged to get involved by joining the Parent and Family Association.

Thank you for trusting us with your students during this time of growth and transition. Contact us any time with your questions or to find out how you can become more involved with the University of Denver.

Sharon Bond