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Student Life

Parent & Family Engagement

Publications and Webinars

Publications for parents/guardians of DU students


Each summer Parent & Family Engagement provides interactive webinars to explain your student's resources and support at DU. We have listed two main categories of webinars below: Academic Webinars and Campus Resource Webinars.

During academic webinars, we explain the registration process and resources, choosing a major (or not yet), and describe majors and colleges at DU.

During campus resource webinars, we explain the function of campus departments, give you contact information, and provide time during each webinar to ask questions. 

The title of each webinar listed below is the link to join in and watch the webinar live. You may (or may not) need the Webinar ID when you join in, so this has been copied next to each webinar below.

Each webinar will be recorded and a link to the recording will be added next to the title of each webinar as soon as it is available to publish.

If you want to copy information about our webinars into your calendar, here is a document with the full list of webinars all in one place, their dates and times, and different ways to join each one.

join Webinars on Registration and Academic Majors

Preparing for New Student Registration at DU recording
June 5th @ 3:00pm 
Join our webinar on June 5th at 3:00pm to get information on academic resources at DU, learn about new student registration steps, how your student can navigate the website, and who to contact if they need help.

Undeclared Majors at DU recording
June 5th @ 4:30pm
Join us for a webinar on new student registration and academic support for students who have not declared a major.

Pre-Health at DU recording
June 5th @ 6:00pm
Join us for a webinar on new student registration and academic support for students who are interested in pursuing a profession in the healthcare field.

Academic Colleges at DU
June 12th
Join one of our webinars on June 12th to learn what students need to know about their various majors while preparing for new student registration.

9:00AM – Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science recording

10:30AM – Lamont School of Music recording

12:00PM – Josef Korbel School of International Studies recording

2:30PM – College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences recording

4:00PM – Natural Sciences and Mathematics recording

5:30PM – Daniels College of Business recording


join Webinars on Campus Resources

Family Support and Involvement 
July 3rd @ 6:00pm (Webinar ID: 232 166 039)
Join Parent & Family Engagement, Parent Giving, and Access & Transitions for a webinar on July 3rd at 6:00pm to learn about parent and family resources, opportunities for involvement, how to engage with the DU community locally, and how to support your student from afar.

Community Expectations 
July 10th @ 6:00pm (Webinar ID: 532 105 286)
Join Student Outreach & Support, Student Rights & Responsibilities, Campus Safety, and the Ombuds Office for a webinar on July 10th at 6:00pm to hear about University expectations students are expected to uphold and who to connect with when students are concerned about campus safety or honor code violations.

Sustainability and Transportation 
July 17th @ 6:00pm (Webinar ID: 483 148 203)
Recognizing sustainability as a core University value, we commit to exercising leadership in our community and throughout society by providing the knowledge, research, and curriculum to produce informed graduates who are able to create a positive, just, and sustainable future. Join the Center for Sustainability, Parking and Mobility Services, and DU Dining by Sodexo in a webinar on July 17th @ 6:00pm to learn how we move forward with this commitment and what your student can get involved with on campus and beyond.

Student Financial Support 
July 24th @ 6:00pm (Webinar ID: 108 625 453)
Join our webinar on July 24th at 6:00pm to hear from Student Employment, Housing & Residential Education, Health & Counseling, the Bursar's Office, and Financial Aid about tuition and billing as well as opportunities for your student to practice and experience financial wellness throughout their time at the University of Denver.

Health and Well-Being 
July 31st @ 6:00pm (Webinar ID: 799 161 602)
Join the Health & Counseling Center, Collegiate Recovery Community, Coors Fitness Center, Disability Services, Student Outreach & Support, and DU Dining by Sodexo for a webinar on July 31st at 6:00pm to learn how the University of Denver offers programs and support to help keep students physically, mentally, and emotionally well. This webinar will also cover critical information regarding student health insurance requirements.

Diversity and Inclusion 
August 7th @ 6:00pm (Webinar ID: 838 553 578)
Inclusion, equity, access, and cultural programming is all here in Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence. Join us for a webinar on August 7th at 6:00pm to hear from Inclusion & Equity Education, Access & Transitions, Cultural & Spiritual Life, Native American Community Relations & Programs,Veterans Services, Disability Services, and DU Affinity Groups to hear about the many ways your student can find things to do and people to meet on campus, the inclusive programs and groups your student can get involved with, and our commitment to providing students with the support and skills needed to reflect on their values and identities.

Campus Involvement 
August 14th @ 6:00pm (Webinar ID: 604 620 124)
Looking for something to do? We've got you covered.
Join Student Engagement, Housing & Residential Education, Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Athletics & Intramural Sports for a webinar on August 14th at 6:00pm to learn how your student can get involved on campus throughout their time at DU.

Preparing for Discoveries Orientation and Pre-Orientation Programs 
August 21st @ 6:00pm (Webinar ID: 440 320 451)
Where do I park? Where is check-in? What is it like to move in?
Get helpful advice and answers to your questions from Parent & Family Engagement, Discoveries Orientation, Access & Transitions, and the Learning Effectiveness Program during our Orientation webinar on August 21st at 6:00pm.