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Religious & Spiritual Life

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Religious & Spiritual Life

About Us

The University of Denver recognizes and celebrates the wide diversity of worldviews represented among its students, faculty, staff and administrators. And DU intends that all of those individuals are able to find support on campus. Below you will find links to the University's Religious Accommodations policy, as well as links to calendars of the holy days of the world's religious traditions .

About Our Office

The University Chaplain is available to all members of the DU community on issues ranging from interfaith dialogue to spiritual care and counseling. For example, the Chaplain:

  • engages students, faculty and staff in areas of interfaith dialogue and spiritual searching,
  • provides a venue for ethical reflection on current issues,
  • encourages both personal exploration and community dialogues around major issues of religion, spirituality, social justice, and public life,
  • offers a non-clinical safe space for spiritual care and counseling, and supports students' quests for personal religious and spiritual development.

How does this happen? Numerous ways! For example:

  • You could invite the chaplain to present a program in your residence hall, class or student group.
  • You could drop by the office for a chat.
  • You could join a book/discussion group.
  • You could SUGGEST a book or topic for discussion!
  • You could participate in an interfaith community service project.
  • You could help design an interfaith event on campus.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Give us a call at 303-871-4488, or drop us an email.

Our Vision

The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life passionately advocates for the integration of religious, spiritual and ethical voices and values at the University of Denver.

Our Mission

To that end, the Office:

  • nurtures the life of the heart and spirit, both individually and corporately;
  • supports the integrity of each individual community member's quest for truth, meaning, and belonging;
  • celebrates the diversity of the world's religious and spiritual traditions, especially as represented at DU;
  • promotes meaningful encounters, engagement and understanding across lines of religious and disciplinary commitments;
  • and challenges the community to translate its commitments into action.

Religious & Spiritual Resources