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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Conduct

Student Conduct

Honor Yourself, Honor the Code

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities at the University of Denver supports the University mission by providing programs and services designed to foster a positive and safe environment for student learning. The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities strives to achieve a campus community in which individuals:

  • demonstrate respect for others, for themselves, and for the University;
  • uphold high standards of personal and academic integrity; honor differences and gain an appreciation for living in a diverse society;
  • understand the impact of their behavior and conduct both upon the University Community and the surrounding community;
  • freely accept the responsibility for and consequences of their behavior and conduct; and
  • seek opportunities to repair harm that they caused through a restorative process.

Please Note: We make every effort to accurately reflect the Student Conduct Policies and Procedures throughout the Student Rights and Responsibilities website pages. If there is a discrepancy between the website and the full-text Honor Code document as it relates to the Student Conduct Policies and Procedures, the full-text document is the ruling entity. See the full-text Honor Code as it relates to students.

Student Rights and Responsibilities staff are available to answer your questions. Here is our contact information.