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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Conduct

Student Conduct

Honor Yourself, Honor the Code

The University of Denver has developed an online course policy. Please see it below:

Policy for Online Courses


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information
In order to promote physical distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) is currently operating remotely. Our commitment to serving our students and the greater university community continues. We will update this information as our circumstances change. If you have additional questions after reading this page, please contact and one of our staff members will assist you.

Where can I report a violation of the University's COVID-19 expectations?

Please click here to be directed to the COVID-19 Violations Reporting Form.

Is SRR still open?
Although staff may be working remotely, our work continues. Staff members are available as usual during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 4:30 PM MDT. Staff can be reached via email, phone, and through scheduled Zoom meetings.

My conduct case is still open and unresolved. What will happen?
We are proceeding with our work. We are conducting meetings by Zoom and by phone. We appreciate your understanding as we adjust our processes to meet these ever- changing circumstances. There have been some delays in completing previous case resolutions as the University transitioned to online, but we are working quickly to resolve them for you.

I had a Case Resolution Meeting scheduled. What happens now?
Please check your "" email address for a Meeting Notice letter. The notice letter will contain a Zoom link if applicable. If you need to schedule a phone conference, or have other concerns about a virtual Case Resolution Meeting, please contact your case administrator directly. We are currently conducting all Case Resolution Meetings by Zoom or phone; however, in very limited circumstances, we will consider requests for in-person meetings. At all times, safety for students and staff will be the top priority in considering the request. Students who request an in-person meeting for Non-COVID related cases must request this from the case manager 24 hours prior to the scheduled virtual meeting. In the request, student should include the necessity for an in-person meeting. The conduct administrator will review the request and send a decision to the student. An approval is not automatic and you should be prepared to continue virtually. Please note, if an in person meeting is granted, it may mean your original case resolution meeting will be rescheduled in order to meet safety criteria. Additionally, please be aware that all meetings will be scheduled in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

I have outcomes due soon. What should I do?
Outcomes can still be submitted through our online submission form which is linked in your letter. If you have questions about how to complete a specific outcome remotely, please contact your case administrator.

I have a student conduct related hold on my student account. What should I do?
The most important step for addressing student conduct related holds is to submit any assigned outcomes that might be overdue. If you have specific questions about a hold, you should email your case administrator directly for assistance. If you are unsure about who your case administrator is, please check the decision letter that was emailed to your "" email account. If you still need assistance, please email with your full name, your student ID number, and your questions.

I need to report an incident. What should I do?
As always, we ask you to submit an incident report through our online forms: Academic Integrity Report or General Incident Report. You may use these forms to report an incident or alleged violation of the University of Denver Honor Code.
Our first concern is the safety and well-being of our students. Please be aware, these forms are not monitored outside of university business hours. If you are reporting an immediate danger to the health and safety of yourself and/or others, please call Campus Safety at 303-871-3000 or dial 911.

I need to request my student conduct records. What should I do?
Our office can process your request virtually. Please refer to the Conduct Records Request Process. We will not be able to respond to faxed or physically mailed requests or to send responses via fax or physical mail until further notice. Government agencies interested in having a conduct/disciplinary check completed for security clearance should email

I called the main telephone number (303-871-2455) but no one answered. What should I do?
The best way to contact our office is via email: either or by emailing your case administrator directly. While we are monitoring the main phone number, staff may not be able to answer when you call. We've found that students are often hesitant to leave a voicemail and instead prefer to call back frequently until a staff member available to answer the phone. A better strategy is leaving a voicemail message with the following information: (1) your full name, (2) your student ID number, (3) a callback number, and, (4) the reason for your call.

Refer to the sites below for official updates regarding the University of Denver response to COVID-19, including frequently asked questions.


SRR Mission

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR) at the University of Denver supports the University's mission by providing programs and services designed to foster an inclusive campus community and promote opportunities for holistic student living, learning, and growth. We strive to achieve a safe campus community in which Students:

  • respect themselves, others, the University, and surrounding community;
  • honor differences and gain an appreciation for living in a diverse society;
  • maintain high standards of their personal and academic integrity;
  • understand the impact of their actions and choices upon themselves, others, the University, and surrounding communities; and
  • seek opportunities to repair harm, restore trust, and acknowledge the impact of their actions and choices.

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities is educational and restorative in our processes by offering educational Outcomes, workshops and alternate case resolution options. Through the Outcomes assigned to Students, we hope to encourage self-awareness, social engagement, and provide opportunities for reflection and meaning-making.

Please Note: We make every effort to accurately reflect the Student Rights & Responsibilities Policies and Procedures throughout the SRR website pages. If there is a discrepancy between the website and the full-text Honor Code document as it relates to the Student Rights & Responsibilities Policies and Procedures, the full-text document is the ruling entity. See the full-text Honor Code as it relates to students.

Student Rights & Responsibilities staff are available to answer your questions. Here is our contact information.