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A Student Rights and Responsibilities Liaison is a University of Denver professional staff member or current student who serves as a Liaison for a student who is a complainant or respondent to a violation of the Honor Code and will be appearing before a Student Accountability Board. The Student Rights and Responsibilities Liaison will maintain an objective position in advising the student. The Liaison is not an advocate who sides with either principal party involved in the disciplinary procedure, but rather a Liaison helps guide the student in the procedures of the processes.

What does a Student Rights and Responsibilities Liaison do?
  • Helps you review and comprehend the conduct process and the Student Accountability Board hearing
  • Advises you of your options in the conduct process and the Student Accountability Board hearing
  • Reviews reports and evidence with the you
  • Informs you of expectations for preparation and procedures during Student Accountability Board hearing
  • Discusses your rights and responsibilities under the Honor Code
  • Helps you understand the decisions and sanctions rendered by the Student Accountability Board
  • Advises the respondent or complainant on the Appeal process following a Student Accountability Board hearing
Who may utilize the service of a Rights and Responsibilities Liaison?

If you have been documented for allegedly violating policy or if you are bringing alleged policy violations against another DU student, you have the right to obtain a Liaison for all hearings brought to a Student Accountability Board. You are not required to seek the help of a Liaison; however, going through a Student Accountability Board hearing may be overwhelming and intimidating. Therefore, Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence recommends that, if you are facing a Student Accountability Board, you should consider working with a Liaison. Student Rights & Responsibilities provides a ready resource of trained Rights and Responsibilities Liaisons willing to assist you.

How do I connect with a Rights and Responsibilities Liaison?

Once it is determined that you will be a respondent or complainant at a Student Accountability Board hearing, you will be provided with the link to the contact information of all Liaisons. You may select a Liaison whom you will work with to prepare for the Conduct Review Board hearing. It will be your responsibility to get in touch with the Liaison once you have received a Notice of Student Accountability Board meeting.


you can reach out to any of the liaisons listed below

Cindi Nagai
Associate Athletic Director, Student Athlete Support & Community Relations

[email protected]
Ritchie Center, Room #3610


Tim Robinson
Associate Director, English Language Center

[email protected]
English Language Center, 1958 S Josephine St. 

Thomas Walker
Director, Educational Programs & LGBTIQA Services

[email protected]
The Hub

Lynne Warner
Director, International Student & Scholar Services

[email protected]
International House, 2200 S. Josephine St.