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Medical Amnesty Policy

The University has a concern and responsibility for preserving the well-being of all members of the University Community. Because the health and safety of students are of primary importance to the University, students are expected to not only look out for their own health and safety, but also the safety of their peers. Students are expected to take immediate action when a person’s health or safety is threatened.

When a student undertakes an intentional action to seek assistance from a University Official or emergency services for themselves or others as a result of excessive alcohol consumption or drug use, the students involved will not be found responsible for an alcohol- or drug-related violation of the Honor Code, nor will an alcohol- or drug-related violation appear on their Student Conduct record. The students involved may be referred for an educational outcome or evaluation related to their health status or substance use. This referral will not constitute a violation of the Honor Code. This option may not be offered on a repeated basis, but is the University expects that students will always prioritize their own and others’ health and safety. Moreover, this commitment does not preclude legal consequences or Alleged Policy Violations for non-alcohol or drug-related Honor Code violations related to the incident.